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Sacred Pain - Glam Goth Hard Rock Band

Welcome to the official website of heavy metal music band Sacred Pain. Currently under construction, however once completed you'll find the latest on the band, mp3s to download, other free downloads, fan club, tour information, exclusive merchandise to buy, lyrics to some of our songs, favorite links, plus more. Stay tuned, especially if your a guitar player. lol. Thanks for stopping by and will have lots of stuff real soon on this goth glam hard rock heavy metal band, and yes ... mp3s. In the meantime, you can join the free fan club / group by simply entering your e-mail address in the box below. That will contain free exclusive music downloads as well.

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We did mention that mp3s, songs and lyrics are in the works too?

After all, goth or glam ... it is all about the music. Keep it hard rock.


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