but the pleasures are seldom and few

yee of haw

i am the cowboy



kinda site update< I'm sorry that Sabrielworld has fallen neglect to my other (better) site

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Counter dedicated to all the people i have know and unknown-----w/ love to john lennon and beck

-----this is where it's @--------

official shout out to my people: laura, nyssa, anna, emily, max, talon, sam, liz, kelly, jessica, that guy in the yellow shirt, annie, katy, alyssa, the man in the moon, ben,eddie, elliot,anna, hope, annieyo, if i left you out, just like,drop me a line, via guestbook, or ,if you have the inclination and number, call me...

i love you, all of you...
"in what world could you have ever beaten me? such a world does not exist."-adamar...

"you have been weighed."- roland

"you have been measured."-kate

"and you have been found absolutlty wanting."-chaucer

"welcome to the new world, and god save you, should he find it fitting to do so."-william

-a knights tale

don't go down here


yeah, go back up

he heh he

you dont wanna know whats down here

if you must go further, tell me what you see, in the book of guests

i love you kurdt cobain

ha ha. yes, you, um are gonna wanna fight the urge to go downer

touch my ass if your qwalified.-beck

party people know, im that type of freak.-beck

la la la dee da --free love--

harry potter porn


so is legolas


samwise forever

pippin is awesome

and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make...

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