Slayer:  Prelude to Hope

Rune Simbriant, at your service!
Greetings traveler! Welcome to my humble abode. Please, won't you have a seat. Don't mind the maids. I'm just performing a little remodeling. They're trying to keep the place clean.
Sit down. I imagine you must have had a long and difficult journey. Many have come seeking the history of the famous Lina Inverse, the Sorceress Supreme. There are those who would claim to know about her mysterious past, but they are all lies. Only I know the truth. For you see, I am Rune Simbriant, the Blue Mage, tutor to the flame haired sorceress. Perhaps you've heard of me? If not, it only makes my life that much easier. Perhaps you would like to hear a tale or two of the mysterious sorceress's earlier days? Come, join me in the library. The next lesson is about to begin.
And for those wishing for a private word, please feel free to leave a message.

Gomen, but the library is currently being renovated (Damn bookworms!). The only story up at the moment is Slayers: Evolution.
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