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We acquired our first Scottish Fold, CH Windspurr Brodi of Purrceptive (Paaskin's Iceman x TGFC Tammy Faye), In 1990. We showed him to his Championship and he was TICA's best shaded Scottish Fold for 95-96 & 96-97, and 2nd best of breed in the Mid Pacific Region for those years. We then received Marxalot's Blue Heaven (Scottlind's Sandy Claws of Marxalot x CH Lirkanes Bonny Blue of Marxalot), an od eyed white Scottish Fold straight ear. They produced several nice kittens, and they are the foundation of our cattery. Our cats are CFA & TICA registered.

In our copper eyed program we expect to have brown tabbies, lilacs(light taupe), chocolates(dark brown), blues(bluish gray), blacks, bicolors & calicos.

We are breeding for silvers and colorpoints in our green & blue eyed program. Shaded silvers have white fur with the tip of each hair being black, giving a sparkling silver effect. Silver tabbies have a white base color with black spots or stripes. Both have eyes and nose that are outlined with black, and deep green eye color. Colorpoints have off white body color, with the darker colors restricted to their face, ears, legs and tail. We breed blue eyed cats to green eyed cats to get dark blue eye color on the blue eyed kittens.

Read more about color inheritance..

Our attention is paid to friendly and calm personality, plush fur, round far apart eyes & round head, long flexible straight tail, straight front & back legs, straight nose with short nose length, good health and of course, folded ears on half of them!

All of our cats are tested negative for Polycystic Kidney Disease at UC Davis Veterinary Hospital.



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Scottish Folds
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