September 2005

September 13, 2005
Well, the Grays Harbor County Emergency and Risk Management Office now has a spectacular Americorp voluteer -- my husband. He braved torrential rain, thunder, lightening, marble-sized hail to get the word out on Americorp and disaster preparedness at the annual Hoquium Loggers Play Day. His wife about got washed away in the process. How would that be for a disaster?

October 2005

October 20, 2005
Well, it's amazing how five weeks of graduate school and an appendectomy (really interesting stuff) can keep a person away from her webpage. Perhaps not amazing, but definitely unfortunate. And, yet, here I am playing on the computer at work, recovering from surgury, and eagerly looking forward to the weekend, during which time I will head down to good old La Grande to visit my parents who are themselves being visited by my uncle and grandmother (pretty cool she's jet setting across the country at age 91).

October 31, 2005
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Here's a strange and unusual Illusion.

November 2005

November 10, 2005
Yes, sometimes it's a depressing site because it reminds us women STILL have a long way to go in the world, but it needs to be viewed: Feministing.com. I almost can't even think about Alito's nomination without getting an upset stomach. I knew there were still men out there who think women need their husband's permission to do things (like control their own bodies), but I had no idea one might ever end up on the Supreme Court. Sickening, huh? In another uplifing thought, I highly recommend Michel Foucault's Discipline and Punish to anyone who wants a headache and queezy stomach. Ah, the joys of being a grad student in history.

November 17, 2005
So I started off the week by seeing the Wal-Mart documentary that is showing in over 7,000 places across the country this week: The High Cost of Low Price. Now we all knew how much Wal-Mart sucked (annoying yellow smiley faces, employees with bad attitudes, really disgusting bathrooms just to name a few), but here's even more reasons not to shop there. My first reason has always been there pharmacies refuse to fill Emergency Contraceptive prescriptions for women. Where does a company get off making a decision that personal and of that magnitude for its customers? It shouldn't. Anway, I'd better get back to reading Florencia E. Mallon's Peasant and Nation: The Making of Postcolonial Mexico and Peru. Can't say it's a bad book - just not my interest area.

November 26, 2005
Have we all stuffed ourselves silly? How American. I should get back to reading - the last week of the quarter!! Ecotopia by Ernest Callenbach is very good! Siam Mapped: A History of the Geo-Body of a Nation is, well, about as exciting as its title sounds. I forsee a time in the future when I can actually - gasp! - read for fun again. Well, back to the reading before heading to Wallowa's state semi-final football game. Go Cougs!

November 28, 2005
Finally, after three months, I have put up my most recent pictures. See below in my photo album. Pictures from one of our last nights in Columbia. Never thought an Oregon girl would be homesick for the South, but Evil Washington will do strange things to a person. In other groovier news, I went to my first aerobics class ever today (after six years of swimming, weight lifting, and elliptic machines), and it was awesome! I love it, and I didn't even flop around at the back like an uncordinated dork. Well, maybe, but it was fun anyway. Three cheers to Hans' Gym in Ellensburg.

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