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Food Fight   Winning is Losing
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Weight Loss and Weight Management: Food Synergy

My webpage provides information about a holistic approach to weight loss and weight management. By following my routine, I lost 72 lbs. in about 8 months! Instead of a program of strict calorie counting, quick weight loss, or extreme dieting, my regimen shows that by eating the right foods and food combinations, your metabolism will start functioning at a higher level, leading to weight loss and a healthier you.

I wrote this book as a weight loss and weight management manual based upon my own personal experiences. My book is written in a clear, concise format and contains many practical steps and strategies that I found necessary to implement a successful weight loss and weight management program. I know what busy lives we all lead and that you want to start losing weight now--not just read about it.

To find out more information about my book, How I Won the Battle of the Bulge; Weight Loss Through Food Synergy, please go to www.howiwonthebattleofthebulge.com There you will also be able to read reviews of my book. Thanks!

A successful weight control program is holistic in nature. That is, the regimen must take into account the needs of the whole person, including nutrition, exercise, and emotional well-being. The overlapping of these three areas will lead to a better, more satisfying life. By becoming obsessed with finding happiness, you'll miss out on all the opportunities for fullfillment that appear unexpectedly all around you. Focus instead on establishing a healthy lifestyle, and most likely, happiness will follow. People often ask me, "What kind of diet are you on, and when will you go off it?" My standard reply is that I'm not on any diet: I'm following a way of life."

Please return to my website frequently. I'll be discussing topics such as the mind-body connection, synergistic foods (that is, food combinations that boost your body's metabolism thereby helping you to lose weight),  as well as tips for implementing a synergistic weight management program.


Interested in finding out about food synergy, that is, combinations of foods that can boost your body's metabolism? No gimmicks, diet pills, or expensive equipment. Lose  weight naturally  & holistically. For more information, please go to my website, www.howiwonthebattleofthebulge.com