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What's This Site About ?

   This is an informational site about Classic Arcade Gaming through Emulation. I stumbled across the popular MAME Emulator in late '98 while looking for a few good simulators of the games I used to pour quarters into at the arcades. Was I in for a surprise when I learned about Emulation of these games instead.

    Here you will find a page about Game Emulation, which gives a brief overview of what it is and all about, and links to some of the larger Emulation related sites on the Web.

    There are also detailed pages with information and pictures of how I built my custom control panel to play these old games 'Arcade Style'. It really makes playing them more worthwhile.

    Finally there are some programming links that I have come across. If you are interested in programming any language, there are links there for some of the better ones I have come across. If you are interested in compiling your own version of the MAME emulator, there are some links included with that information.



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