Reality Check

I am really bi, and I am really female, but my real name is not Roberta. I would have been Roberta had there not been so many Roberts on both sides of my family. You see, I have a twin brother, and he would have been one of many Roberts, while I would have been the only Roberta. My mother chose that name for me, and chose to tell me about it, so I figure it is really mine to use. Hough is my father's mother's maiden name.

I chose to use this name for this site, because it is a departure from the other web sites I have, and because it gives me some place for my bi identity to exist. Like I said, I'm not quite out of that closet.

The following links are to the rest of my web world. Since I already linked there by linking my Abuse Survivors page in one of my essays, I thought some clarification was in order.

The Way In

The Way Out

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