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1 Peter 2:9 

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal
priesthood, an holy
nation, a peculiar people; that you
should shew forth
the praises of him
who hath called you
out of darkness
into his marvellous LIGHT!
Meditate On
Good Things
Welcome to Music for Meditation!  Think Spirit.
"Sign of the Code" by Rosemary Chatham Copyright 2005 All Rights Reserved
By clicking on the UNDERLINED Song Titles you will be taken to various pages of this website where the MIDI song files will open automatically and you will hear the song you clicked on. Please adjust your soundcard settings for optimum audio enjoyment.  Instructions on how to do this are printed just below.  Please bear in mind, these links are for MIDI FILES and will only sound as good as your soundcard quality is.
REMEMBER to check the MIDI BALANCE on your computer as the MIDI VOLUME is returning to NO SOUND as the page loads. I still don't have this one figured out  but if you don't manually turn it up immediately as the page is loading, you won't hear the song.  Just double click your  speaker icon and manually turn up your MIDI BALANCE on Play Control as the page is loading.

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"Walk with God and you'll never walk alone."  Those were the words my father wrote in my Bible when I asked him if he would autograph it for me.  It was the Bible that was my gift from him and my mother when I had my First Holy Communion at my Confirmation.  We were brought up in the Episcopal Church. 

It was my father who made sure we kids got to church every Sunday.  He gave me the starting point of "how-to" learn about God.

It was my mother who made sure we had our baths on Saturday night, that our shoes were polished, that everything was "ready for church" on Sunday morning. Our getting to church was very important to her.

They were fine starting points.  I am so Blessed to have had you both as my parents.

This website is dedicated to you: Theodore and Harriet.  May  your days of Heaven be full of the Light and Love of God forever. 

Thank you for everything. 
God Bless you both.

All my love,


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Success is enjoying
the journey
This beautiful cross borrowed for use from FREE Online public domain files
The AURA you are seeing in this picture on Rosemary showed up in the photograph - it was not added to the portrait.
Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ
which strengtheneth  me.
You are on Divine Assignment
There are tons of Messages at the
E-Group to edify the Soul!
Holy Spirit is our Spirit Guide - There is Healing through the Anointing and there is healing
through Faith.  Everytime Faith touches the Anointing, someone gets Healed.  Say - "I am
HEALED in the Name of Jesus."
CLICK HERE to experience and
receive "POINT OF CONTACT HEALING" in Jesus Name
Important Tip for Sound Card Settings

If your midi is sounding funny when you go to websites that offer midi files of music to listen to - for instance my website - I can help you get the best sound out of your sound card!
On your computer - Goto Start Menu - Open
Goto Settings - Open   Goto Control Panel   Select Multi-media 
Select Midi Tab at the top
If your Sound Card has a Software Synth (like Creative S/W Synth, or Ensoniq, but it can be any manufacturer or wave table setting, OR a Sound File setting - select that as DEFAULT and the sound will be almost like playing a CD - depending on the quality of the Sound Card.  This is how to change your midi sound quality which is especially useful for listening to midi sound files at websites with midi music.

If your sound card does NOT offer additional settings then it would be worth it to upgrade to one that does.  Having a good sound card and using the proper settings is imperative to enjoying surfing the net to its' fullest. 

When you visit my website, for instance, the sound may sound very "tinsley" or "twinkly" :(is what I call it) without having your sound card set to the proper settings.  You may notice this at other websites as well.  There may be beautiful music you are missing just because of a setting not being right.

If you have a good sound card, making these simple adjustments will help optimize your listening experience especially when listening to midi sound files. 
That's it!  Happy Listening.

Rosemary   If you need additional help go to our E-Group and post your question.
graphics by:
roarie studios
copyright 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
Rosemary G. Chatham
All Rights Reserved
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Mark 16:15
And He said unto them,
Go ye into all the world,
and preach the gospel
to every

We have a
responsibility to
be kind to animals
for we are given
dominion over them.
See to it that your pet always has fresh
drinking water.
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Original by Rosemary Chatham to Honor American Armed Forces Personnel. Copyright 2004 All Rights Reserved.
Music For Meditation Proudly Salutes Our Armed Forces!
Thank You - and God Bless You - Every One.
last updated February 22, 2007
It's about the music...
1. Peace
2. For a moment
3. Awakening
4. 444 Dove
5. Return
6. Dreams
7. Roarie
8. (Dance of the)
    Invisible Pink Unicorn
9. Our Song
1. Into The Light
2. Spirit River
3. Things Celestial
Things Terrestrial
5. Desert Rose
For Me Lady Silver
7. Mocha
Sundays Song
9. Orbs of Light
10. (Song For) My Angel II
1. Angel Prayers
2. Song For An Angel
The Lords Prayer
4. At The Well (He Told Me)
5. Healing Water
6. Isaiah C60 V8
8. (Song For) My Angel
CD:"No Grey Area"
CD: "Into The Light"
CD: "Angel Prayers"
It's about the Messages....
Message from me to you -

Hi - I would really love for you to go to where the
MP3 sample tracks are and take a minute to listen to them. I PROMISE YOU that you are in for a REAL TREAT.  Often, there is truly GREAT music that you just haven't heard unless someone recommends it to you to try, so you just miss out on it. 

I am HIGHLY RECOMMENDING that you go and listen to my music right now.   I want you to have these songs because they are full of the Spirit of Love and Healing.  I have worked very hard to share them with you.  Then, don't forget to Order and share with your friends YOUR Beautiful New Discovery.  Then all will be Blessed.  No lousy singing - I promise - The reviews are EXCELLENT!
Click Here Now to listen to the MP3's which sound MUCH better than the MIDI tracks on these pages do.
OH - make sure you let the MP3 applet fully load to hear the full sixty second sample tracks or you will only hear about 10 to 20 seconds of the song.  Use your mouse to start the song over again should this happen.


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BLOOZSTAR at  geocities.com/bloozstar
"Our Song"
CD: No Grey Area
excellent, excellent! 
It's about the Word....
Music for Meditation by Rosemary G. Chatham
Copyright 2007
Rosemary G. Chatham
All Rights Reserved
The entire contents of this website are copyright protected under all
Federal Laws of the United States Government and all applicable
International Laws.  None of the content of this website may be copied,
recorded, downloaded, or otherwise duplicated without the express
written consent of the Owner.
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You deeply for not having to be given to the pound.
Copyright 2006 Rosemary G. Chatham All Rights Reserved - "Zakk - Trade ya Shuggie for a Hug"
You are listening to "Things Celestial" off the "Into The Light" CD below by Rosemary
You may need to re-adjust the MIDI BALANCE-"UP" on your computer to hear the songs that automatically play on this website as the volume levels return to "0" - for some unknown reason as the page is loading..
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The Following Information is included here for your benefit and information because SOUND is so important to us.  You just simply can't enjoy MIDI
Sound if your Soundcard Settings are not set up properly.  I hope this is helpful.  If you have any further questions - Post them at the E-Group.

Do you wonder what your Purpose is? 

Visit our NEW PAGE called "Spirit" that will answer your questions about Spirit Realm.
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I will answer you either at the E-Group or privately.

Thank You for visiting.
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