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Welcome to our new website! Flying V Vaulting Team is based in New South Wales, Australia. While we are no longer a competitive club, we still enjoy an innovative training program. We are the pioneers of the certificate and medal programs in this country, and are currently working hard to implement them Australia-wide, for other clubs who choose not to compete officially. We also run Online Competitions for all breeds and disciplines, with funds going to assist vaulting and riding clubs throughout the country. If you would like assistance to raise funds for your club or association, please feel free to email our Secretary who will be happy to assist you!

We are now taking entries for our next online event, closing January 26, 2009. Take some time to get some good, clear photos of your horses. Funds from this show will go to Bush Capital Horse Rescue so they can continue their great work rescuing and rehabilitating horses in need in the ACT and surrounding areas. Click on the banner above for all the details.

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So, what exactly is vaulting? You may well ask, as it is a relatively new horse sport in Australia. Not a day goes by without someone asking that very question! To explain the sport to newcomers, here is a brief article, just to give you a rough idea.Click here for article.

The team currently consists of 12 junior and 6 senior vaulters. We always have fantastic training sessions, with a great deal of fun activities as well as the serious training elements. There are also several members who vault only occasionally for fun and enjoyment. We are available for clinics and displays, so please feel free to email to discuss your needs.Click here to meet the team.

Who could forget our horse! He is our most important team member! We have only the one horse that the members are able to vault on at present, but we are also training a young horse to be a back up should something untoward happen. She has a long way to go, but her quiet temperament and laid-back nature stand her in good stead. The main vaulting horse is, of couse, a wonderful patient soul. Meet him and the horse in training here.

Before you go, check out our photo gallery. (It's finally here! Updated 3/12/02.) There are some great photos in there of us at competitions, as well as a few from other clubs as well! If anyone would like to have their photo placed in our gallery, please email it through with details of when and where it was taken. Also, visit the links page for some great vaulting links. There are many other horse sites there too. If I have missed a link, please email it to me!

Many thanks to Eric Jewett for the use of his pictures throughout the site!

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