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This page is my tribute to the land that I have called home for the majority of my life. Trinidad and Tobago, two of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean! For those of you who know this land, the following links will server as a pleasant reminder of this wonderful place; and to those of you who have yet to visit these shores, it will be a very exciting view of things to come! Enjoy!

Shiva's Homepage - My younger brother's website, check it out!

Welcome to Trinidad & Tobago - Lots of good, general info on TnT!

Discover Trinidad

TnT Nationals E-mail Listings - A great listing of Trinbagonians online. Make some friends!

Rupa's Homepage - Very nice site with loads of info including, history, beaches, carnival, pics, and more on TnT.

B.W.I.A International - In case you want to do more than just contemplate about visiting TnT.

Trinidad is my Land - More info on the culture, people, wildlife and tourism in Trinidad & Tobago.

Alana's Trinbago Pages - Excellent site on the islands! Two thumbs up!

Trinidad Guardian - Find out what's going on in TnT with one of the leading newspapers on the island.

Internet Express - Another one the leading daily's is now online!

The Independent - A weekly newspaper in TnT.

The Trini Lime - Interested in adding some Trini's to you ICQ list??? Then here's the site for you!

Caribbean Chile - Lots more info including trini poems, stories, recipies, and a great listing of West Indian Recipes!!!!

The Trinidad Online Bookstore - Looking for interesting reading materials on or about TnT??? Try this site...

Sights and Sounds of Trinidad & Tobago - Exactly what the title says, lots of sound clips or TnT music and pics too!

Trini Posse - Some serious sports fans from the West Indies.

Trini Dictionary - Finally, a compiliation that can help the outsider get a grasp of what those Trini's are saying! :o)

Trinidad & Tobago WWW Site - Another informative site about the goings-on in TnT.

TnT Schools on the Net -

St. Anthony's College

St. Mary's College

Bishop's Anstey High School

Queen's Royal College

Fatima College

Trinity College

St. Joseph's Convent

Naparima College

Presentation College

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