Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement and these beautiful awards :)

"I've just been to look at your term project, an excellent one of great interest. Here, with my best wishes, is the Odonata Award for rail pages. You certainly deserve an award for all the work you have put into this project....Jackie Atkinson...Odonata"

"It is my pleasure to present you with my Award of Excellence, for a job well done...Silvana"

"Congratulations, Your web site has been approved for the Police Guide Web Site Award and the Police Collector News Online Web Site Award. Best wishes, Police Guide & PC News Online Awards Committee"

"You have won Mr. Mom's award I just finished viewing your page. You have done an excellent job! It looks as if you have spent quite a deal of time on your pages. They are well organized, easy to navigate, have great graphics & links. Keep up the good work. I am honored to present you with my Award."

"I really think your page deserves [my award]. It is an interesting page with lots of good information."

"Congratulations! The Transcontinental Railroad has qualified to display the Geography World Gold Award. What could be more geographical than the planning and the building of a railroad crossing the continent? Railroads have connected the various sections of our country and made trade and transportation a modern reality. I wish you the best with your Site and hope to revisit it soon to see what you have been up to."

"This term project is nicely done. Everything you wanted to know about the transcontinental railroad and more! Congratulations on having a site with good navigation, super graphics and great content. You have A School Zone award! Best regards, Perenne Rice"




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