Essential Links

Below you will find pages of interest I've collected in my search for recipes, hints, tips, and more.

365 Challenge - I couldn't have this page without the support and knowledge of the great ladies at the club.  Here's to all of you! A great place to exchange tips, ideas, and general hair care.

Herb Products
- I can't say enough about the courteous staff, their selection, above all their prices. They have it all. Even the amber bottlesfor storage. Cheaper than your local health food store and that's including shipping.

Victorian Greenhouse
- If you see my name on a message board, then you will see my reference to them as well.  Great wholesale company (family owned) and in NC (shout out).  Minimum order is $25.  They have herbs, oils, and soap supplies. Where else can you get SHEA BUTTER for $9.00 a pound and 2oz Rosemary oil for $7 (price subject to change -- this was as of 11/12/99)?

Poya Naturals - I found this by accident but what a great accident. Based out of Canada they offer every possible essential oil available. Once you convert from Canadian dollars to US dollars  (they provide a table for such conversions) you can see your savings.

Penn Herb - This is the most interesting catalog I have ever gotten in my mailbox.  Absolutely delightful. Their prices are very good. I've ordered a few curiosity items from them and have been pleased.  Just reading the ingredients in their products is enough to make you draw up some mixes of your own.

Glossary of Ingredients - Ever wonder what goes in your hair when using commercial shampoos and conditioners? Here are those ingredients defined. This site is full of interesting data (even if the people that designed it are the same that promote HF37 pills.  Something tells me it's interest driven.)

Black Hair Growing Tips
- A page with as much information for African-American hair as you could ever want.

Longer Hair Lovers - A new forum for those devoted to longer, beautiful, healthy hair. Thank you for such great resources!


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