Essential Regiment...

Following you will find my regiment for caring for my hair.  Since I am a part of the 365 Challenge I feel that this will benefit others as well as give me a big picture of what I need to change, add, or drop.  Like on anything else on my pages --- please feel free to comment and advise.

Hot oil treatments / Protein Treatments
Twice a week.
I like alternating between hot oils such as Olive, Avocado, Coconut, Walnut, Almond, and Sesame. 
I also prepare a protein treatment mid week.  Yes, it's in my recipe page.

Scalp Massages and Stimulation
This is a nightly ritual.
Proper brushing (not pounding and pulling on your scalp) aids in circulation. I brush with a small boar bristle brush whose bristles I lightly dip in rosemary oil. I brush a little section at a time to lightly coat the hair and stimulate the scalp. Your follicles need this circulation. I sometimes massage with little amounts of plain Shea Butter applied only to my roots and scalp.

Everyone owns the best massage tool in town. Fingertips.  Circular motions in small areas at a time are essential to rejuvenate your scalp.  You'll know the blood is rushing because it will begin to feel warm. Please note -- massage is not the same as friction and scratching with your nails. 

Ends and Moisture
I am not a fan of greasy hair and so regardless of what it is -- if it looks goopy and makes my ends and hair look stiff...I AM NOT USING IT. Thank the Lord for Jojoba oil.  It is wonderful.  However, I've found that I can melt shea butter and add rosemary and lavender oils and have the same effect.  I do this daily then style.

While on the topic of styling, I do not wear my hair up every day. I am wayyy too fickle for that. However, I handle it as little as possible.  This helps greatly.

Washing and Conditioning
I wash my hair twice a week.  Wednesdays and Sundays. These are my easy days.
On these days I do a hot oil treatment or a protein treatment. I currently wash with ShiKai Products Dry Hair Shampoo and a Cholesterol Conditioner .Followed by a homemade cider herb rinse.  Usually I make my own shampoos but my schedule has not allowed for such and so I chose the next best thing...a shampoo without Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates or hard detergents.

If you read my intro you know that I do not use any heating items on my hair. I only roller set. I sit under the dryer once a week and air dry in rollers the remainder of the time.
I love my rollers. As funny as that sounds. I have them in every color and size. Wearing them takes me back to my country and childhood memories. 

At night I make these little things my mom called "anchoitas" (ahn-cho-ee-tahs)
All I do is wrap my hair around my finger and make a soft loop of hair then pin it down. It looks like I have small invisble rollers on my head. I then put on a satin crochetted scarf (looks like a scarf but it has openings) to the Spanish community it's called a "redesilla" and go to bed.  Since there is nothing hard on my head I don't have the discomfort and the "redesilla" lets my hair and scalp breathe by not trapping in sweat.  It also keeps my hair from snagging at night.
In the morning I undo each anchoita and my hair has the curl and bounce from the day before. NO NEED FOR ME TO USE A CURLING IRON OR ANYTHING HOT TO ADD CURL.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutrition
This is my list of vitamins and minerals --oh yes, and herbs.  I strive to drink a gallon of water a day and limit my red meat intake to 1 serving per week.:

Kal Silica 4 capsules 2400 mg
Nettles 2 capsules 870mg
Spirulina 3 capsules 750mg
Gotu Kola  3 capsules
Vitamin A 20,000 IU
Vitamin E  800 IU
B-Complex  1 capsule 100 mg
Ultra Minerals (combination of essential minerals)
Ester-C with Bioflavonoids  1500 mg

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