Essentially Natural...
Offering a natural alternative to skin and hair care.

Essentially Me... -- An Introduction, by your host (oo la la)

My Hair Regiment and Practice -- Part of 365 Challenge / Roller Setting

Herb Uses for Hair-- List of uses by categories

Essential Oils for Hair
-- List of essential oils for hair uses

Essential Oil Mixes -- Oil mixtures that work

Essential Nutrients -- What vitamins do what for hair? Here is your answer.

Essential Links - Online herb suppliers, oil suppliers, and the like

Essential Recipes -- Basic guide to making tisanes, infusions, etc.

Essential Skin Care --Tips and recipes

Your Recipes / Your Results -- Only tested recipes with your commentary

Your Raves -- What people following this site are saying about results!!

General Recipes
-- Collected from various sources...however not yet tested

Hot Oil Treatments -- What is it? How do you do it? Your guide.

Hair 101 -- It's your hair but do you know its composition?

Relaxer Inside Tips -- What they know and may not be telling you.

Chemical vs. Chemcial --Relaxers broken down to the PAINFUL truth.
A manufacturers pamphlet on what relaxers do, how they do it and the damage. 

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