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    updated 3/08/07

    Remember The Innocent
    In honor of the wounded, lost and families of Littleton Colorado.
    April 20, 1999


    My Nest


    Merry Meet Everyone my name is Tasar Unicorn,
    I am a Web Guardian of Peace,
    Love and Balance. I stand for Balance,
    I dislike disorder and is always
    willing to right for peace, providing
    I do not break natures law of 'harm nun.'
    I Bring you all Bright Blessings and Courage.

    Cottage Row Graphics

    A Special Thanks To
    Shirley M

    About Me

    This picture was taken over in England,1988.
    In one of the many castles that we went to.

    This is the love of my life and me.
    At Nottingham Castle.

    I started this site for the cakes that I decorate.
    Then I discovered the amazing stuff on the net.
    The rings,adoptions of almost anything you want.

    Children and animals that need your help,
    Survivors of all kinds of abuse.

    I'm a 60's kid and proud of it.
    I'm a mother of 3 adult children,
    and a grandmother to Brittany Jenna,
    Dawna-Joe & Kelsey James.
    All under 5 years old
    (4 1/2, 4 & 3 1/2)
    I'm glad I'm "NANA"

    I've been with Allyn since 1987
    and he's the best.

    If you happen to get to my pet page,
    you'll see the great personal background,
    that my cyberfriend"Art" made especially for me.

    I went through my pictures and I really need
    to update the photo album,
    but I hope this will do for now.
    Please come back and visit I plan to update.

    My First Award

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