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Alternative OS Kernels
V2_OS logoA brand new open source operating system. Written entirely in assembler, for maximum speed. (kernel, modules, servers, applications, sources, SDK, Linux/Dos/Win tools)
The Operating Sytem Developers Homepage
This webpage will try to make it a bit easier for the developers of alternative operating systems. It contains information that could be useful for developers, and links to other operating systems.
GazTek's OS Development
GazTek's page with resources and help for who wants to develop an Operating System (see also the home page, in the assembly section below)
Game Programming
GameDev.net logoYour source for game development, full of infos and news, programming resources, art, music, tutorials and more...
Rizac Software
DirectX tools
CDX Homepage
DirectX library
ClanLib Game SDK
ClanLib logo
A multi-platform game programming library
Win32 Assembly
Proudly present the first release of their Win32NASM package, which is aimed at enabling NASM users to develop Win32 applications fully in assembler
Hutch's home page
For those who prefere MASM, the MASM32 package is there
Iczelion's Win32 Assembly HomePage
The aim of this page is to promote programming Win32 programs using assembly language. It contains tutorials, forum, links and other resources to help you start with Win32 assembly programming
PE Compact
PE compressor, utilities, libraries (in TASM)
GazTek logoGazTek's home, GPL programs useful to learn from (HTTP server, GazOS kernel, GASM assembler, Rowner Strike game)
EliCZ's home
A gold mine for the low-level programmer
Win32 Asm
Windows  assembly language programming - tools, tutorials, examples - no longer updated, but still useful
The new page can be found here
> Windows NT Links <
System Internals
Great tools! Also some sources available... a must see, updated frequently
NT Faq
NT Frequently Asked Questions
Neo Tech
Software, links, NT HowTo, NT newsgroups...
NT Toolbox
Faq, links, news, downloads, updates and patches
> My Favorite Tools <
Programmer's Tools
Programmer's ToolsPackers, unpackers, compilers, decompilers, debuggers, patchers, utilities, documents, fun stuff
The Netwide Assembler - free and portable x86 assembler (currently version 0.98)
Integrated Development Environment to use with NASM, running under DOS
VisualASM is an IDE for programming in assembly, written totally in ASM (customizable tools menu,  project wizards, addin components, MDI)
Free portable OMF/Win32-COFF linker, written to go with NASM

Mirror on Geocities
A compiler system to use with Windows 95/NT (C, Fortran)
VNC logoVirtual Network Computing, a remote display system which allows you to view a computing 'desktop' environment from anywhere on the Internet and from a wide variety of machine architectures
Parallel Virtual Machine is a software package that permits a heterogeneous collection of Unix and/or NT computers hooked together by a network to be used as a single large parallel computer
See also Markus Fischer project's page for a Win32 implementation of PVM and management solutions
Gibson Research Corp.
A lot of small and useful utilities, completely written in assembly, covering network security and privacy, scsi devices, fonts, win32 assembly programming... and a nice mailing list thanks to which I discovered Google search engine
Interrupt List
Great documentation work about Interrupts, Ports, BIOS, CMOS, CPU - thanks to Ralf Brown and many other contributors
Visit Ralf Brown's Home Page!
> C/C++ & MFC Links <
A lot of free code samples, classes, tools, news...
The Code Project
CodeProject logoFree and shareware code samples, classes, tools, updates...
Nice web interface!
PJ Naughter
Many free/shareware classes and tools, in pure MFC style (gui, network, misc and wrapper classes)
Programmazione.it (ITA)
Freeware libraries, classes, tools, samples and tutorials...
The C++ Compass (ITA)
Freeware libraries, classes, tools...
MVPS.org - Win32 Samples
A lot of samples about LSA, MIDL and RPC, Network, NTFS streams, Processes, Security, Slava's samples, Miscellany/Links
Win32 Development Index
Code samples (shell, gui, hooks, sockets, ...) and basic tutorials
Sites of interest to C++ users
Introduction, Frequently asked questions, Learning C++, Site lists, C++ standards and documentation, List of libraries, Programming style, Documentation systems, Book reviews, Program archives, Source code, Compilers, Environment, User and special interest groups, Conferences, Related languages, Online magazines and journals, Technical reports and papers, Call for papers, Websites for authors of C++ books and articles, Consulting services, Commercial, Bookshops, C++ news-groups, Email discussion groups
It's a long list... be patient!
All of the programs found here are free for personal and commercial use, compatible with Unix and/or Windows, written in C/C++, Java, Perl, or Visual Basic.
Code Box
Some sections:
Game Programming, Graphics programming, Programming newsgroups, Other programming related websites.
Some languages:
ASP, Assembler, C/C++, Caml, Delphi, DHTML / CSS, Flash, HTML, Java, Javascript, Lisp, Perl, PHP, Postscript,  Prolog, Python, Shell scripting, Smalltalk, SQL, VBScript, Visual Basic, VRML, WAP, XML / XHTML.
> Software & Hardware <
Home of many free and open source projects, in any kind of language, for any kind of platform
Source for pure technical IA-32 (32 bits Intel Architecture) processor information
Ralf Brown's Home Page
Good site, viewable with any browser, full of useful and interesting infos and news (see Interrupt List above)
Windows software archive, categorized links and search facilities
Also for Linux systems
Every kind of programs/tools for your favorite OS
> Networks & Security <
AstaLaVista Box
Search engine for security related material
NewOrder Box
Archive of security related material, categorized
Computer Security, Nmap, Port Scanner, Exploit World, Exploits, Hacking, Hacker, Linux, Solaris, Windows, FreeBSD
DoS Help Downloads
Popular security downloads (decryption, trojan removal, misc network & security)
A good source of material (security, privacy, news, references, tools, win & unix, programming, sniffers, port scanners)
Hacking Faq
Hacking Frequently Asked Questions

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