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Unfortunately, Indovinello project is dead. No other releases are planned, since it doesn't seem to have any feedback from the very few people we gave it.

Nevermind. It's not a useful program nor a beautiful game, it's just a nice attempt to write a little Win32 application. We just wanted to learn something about C++/MFC programming in a Win32 environment, and we did it a little.
I'm working on a small and easy-to-use library to do common tasks in windows programming. It is developed in C/ASM and it uses only Win32 API functions and, maybe, some other DLL which is distributed along with every Win32 platform.
Project name is WinLib (original, huh? :). It will be usable from any language able to do C and STD calls, like C, C++, VB and ASM of course.
Probably, there will be many functions to embed a large variety of file types in a program's resources and manipulate them easily.
A beta release of WinLib is ready, but I'm waiting for more functions to be added.

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