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What is it?

Indovinello is a fantastic game of  "intelligent learning" developed at the University of  Pisa from a restrict group of students in order to study and reproduce the complex and mysterious mechanism by which the brain processes and re-uses past experiences.

After deep researches and a lot of experimental tests we could observe how much our brain refuses experience and wants to remove from memory every small detail about our present condition.

Indovinello showed us not only how much this is unfortunately true, but also that a good program, thou it could appear simple and stupid, can be very useful to learning, even more than a University course we will probably never attend, and above all that if you want to realize something... you should have already started!

Indovinello, interactive, multimedia, has finally come!

How to play:

Playing to Indovinello is very simple. Just follow the suggestions on the dialog boxes and be original.

Currently, there are two different games:

1) "I guess"

You think about an animal and the computer tries to guess it.

When asked for an animal, you'd better to put the right article before the name.

The questions and the names of the animals can't contain "?" "!". A question mark will be added to the questions automatically.

2) "You guess"

Computer thinks about an animal and you have to guess it.

It can suggest you what it knows about the animal and you can ask for a tip or try to guess what computer thought. If you're right you win as many points as the suggestions left plus the bonus and you can play again. If you're wrong you lose 1 tip and half bonus. If bonus is zero you lose 3 tips.

If you have enough points you can give up and play with another animal, but lose some points. How much depends on the number of the animals the computer knows.

Hardware requirements:

To greatly enjoy all the advanced multimedia features of Indovinello, the following minimum hardware configuration it's strongly recommended:

CPU Pentium IV 800MHz (or equivalent)
512MB DIMM PC100 (1ns access time)
Hard Disk 19.4GB UltraWide SCSI 2 - "80 mega sulla piattina" (professional)
3D Graphic Accelerator with audio activation nitroplutionium  "AtYourOwnRisk" (1600x1200 minimum resolution - 150 frame/sec)
Display LCD TFT 24" refresh 100MHz "DontTouchScreen"
Sound card with 256 voices, AM/FM and WaveTable synthesis, 32 bit sound, 3D stereo "DollyIsAround"
Amplificator, speakers and subwoofer "PumpMeUp"
Microwaves cordless mouse "BoiledCat"
107 keys keyboard with bread toaster "NaturalToaster"
CD drive 80x ultra-silent "Boeing747"
CD burner 8x4x36x (optional) to backup animals

During the game it's strongly recommended not to eat the monitor, the speakers or any other accessory on your desktop, especially if connected to that gray or white big box with all those leds that sometimes blink.

We also pray the occasional player not to insert incorrect animals. The animal must be thought only when expressly requested by the program. Please turn off and on again your brain if that procedure didn't seem immediately clear or if no mind should come. If nothing happens even after reset, don't be alarmed and contact immediately your technical support group, probably everything is all right.

The files containing the questions and the animals must be periodically sent to the authors through one of the addresses below.

Release History

1.0 * Characters user interface

Graphics: 0
Interaction: 0
Sound: 0

1.1 * First window interface
+ First saving management

Graphics: 1
Interaction: 1
Sound: 0

2.0 + Splash screen
+ Animated about box

Graphics: 2
Interaction: 1
Sound: 0

2.1 + Concurrent saving

Graphics: 2
Interaction: 2
Sound: 1 (keyboard is noisy)

3.0b * Complete re-writing of code (Class based)
+ Multilingual support
+ Enhanced graphics
+ Multimedia splash screen
+ User registration at program start
+ Animal browser
+ Web integration (Links works now !!)
+ HTML help
- Concurrent saving removed

Graphics: 4
Interaction: 3
Sound: 2

3.2 + New images on dialogs
+ Separated configuration files for each language 

Graphics: 5
Interaction: 3
Sound: 2

3.3 + New game added (You guess)
+ Minor bug fixes

Graphics: 5
Interaction: 4
Sound: 2
3.31 + Minor bug fixes

Graphics: 5
Interaction: 4
Sound: 2


Thanks to PJ Naughter to have coded some GUI classes and made them free.

Special thanks go to Microsoft to have realized Visual C++ 5.0 with a lot of bugs.
"Never try to load a GIF file in the resources because it will be automatically converted to BMP without any warning and overwritten, but perhaps it's not what you expected".

Me.Ri.Pa.Ga. Team is:


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