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A collection of my favorite songs' lyrics, links to MP3 search engines, direct search, links to related stuff.
Some lyrics: Beach Boys, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Queen, The Beatles, Nirvana, John Lennon, Cranberries, Louis Armstrong
Added: music modules resources and trackers
Updated: 12 Aug 2000
Links to Assembly tools, C/C++ resources, Win32 programming and NT compatible and specific applications.
Some tools: NASM, ALINK, LCC-WIN32, ...
Added: software and hardware related links.
Added: game programming and other resources.
Added: Win32 assembly resources, Network & Security related links.
Updated: 12 Jun 2000
Links to graphics tools, pictures archives, web art, icons, fonts and even more...
Added: a few links to graphics archives.
Updated: 12 Jun 2000
Italian Page
Some links to italian sites. Not very useful yet, but worths a look. Only italian contents.
Started to fill in the Sailor's Bullettin.
If you want to know something about me...
Updated: 24 Mar 2000
Me.Ri.Pa.Ga. Team
Second official home page of this incredible (!?) development team.
Updated: 22 Feb 2002
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