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Two students, both trying to survive at Pisa University, one day meet and start to talk about computers and programming...
Five months later, they live in the same house and plug together their CPUs and their brains. Me.Ri.Pa.Ga. was born!
First members are Unochespera and PPEscher
Growing up
Our first common project is "Indovinello", a nice game to test our knowledge of C++ and Windows programming. We worked on it for months, but stopped developing it 'cause it gave us all that it could.
The second public release is "MeRiQuota", a small utility to monitor directories occupation on your hard drive. This is a specific request of a friend of us, that needed such a program to control the space occupied by users of his machine. Now he uses it to be told when a directory reaches 650Mb, so he can burn a CD.
Another nice utility is "WastingFilesKiller", that we used to delete all the unuseful intermediate files produced by the compiler, especially those big precompiled headers.

Don't expect other sections in our team life!

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