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Abbreviations for Solar Pons

By Peter A. Ruber

Revised by Ronald B. De Waal & George A. Vanderburgh

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When budding young author August Derleth could not get Conan Doyle's permission to write a new Sherlock Holmes story ... he created Solar Pons. Perhaps the most successful imitation of Holmes to ever emerge including his own appreciation society the Praed Street Irregulars. Pons' stories continued to be written after Derleth's death by Basil Cooper.

AmatAmateur PhilologistMrFaMr. Fairlie's Final Journey
AscoAscot ScandalMosaMosaic Cylinders
BallBall of NostradamusMutMThe Muttering Man
BeniBenin BronzeNorcNorcross Riddle
BishBishop's CompanionOrieOrient Express
BlkCBlack CardinalParaParalytic Mendicant
BlkNBlack NarcissusPennPenny Magenta
BlinBlind ClairaudientPerfPerfect Husband
BookBookseller's ClerkPraePraed Street Irregulars
BrokBroken ChessmanPropProper Comma
CambCamberwell BeautyPurlPurloined Periapt
ChinChina CottageRedLRed Leech
CircCircular RoomRemaRemarkable Worm
ClovCloverdale KennelsRetNRetired Novelist
CrouCrouching DogRicoRicoletti of the Club Foot
DevFDevil's FootprintsRydbRydberg Numbers
DogMDog in the Manger7PasSeven Passengers
DorrDorrington Inheritance7SisSeven Sisters
Fatafatal GlanceShapShaplow Millions
5RoyFive Royal CoachmenSinHSinister House
FriBFrightened Baronet6SilSix Silver Spiders
GolBGolden BraceletSnitSnitch in Time
GricGrice-Paterson CurseSothSotheby Salesman
HatsHats of M. DulacSpurSpurious Tamerlane
HaunHaunted LibraryStarThe Green Stars
InnkInnkeeper's ClerkStonStone of Scone
IntaIntarsia BoxSusASussex Archers
LateLate Mr. FlavershamSwedSwedenborg Signatures
LimpLimping Man3RedThree Red Dwarfs
LittLittle HangmanTottTottenham Werewolf
LosDLost DutchmanTraiTrained Cormorant
LosHLost HolidayTripTriple Kent
LosLLost LocomotiveTrouTroubled Magistrate
ManBMan with the Broken FaceUniqUnique Dickensians
MazBMazarine BlueViMuThe Viennese Musician
MisHMissing HuntsmanWhisWhispering Knights

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