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By Ronald B DeWaal

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Ronald DeWaal is the author of several extensive Holmes/Doyle bibliographies. The latest, 'The Universal Sherlock Holmes' is a massive four volumes that covers just about anything that ever had to do with Sherlock. From the original Strand to the novels to pastiches to radio, TV, movies to you name it. It's in there! If you want a copy and can not locate one, send me a note and I will send you the publishers address/information. I got my copy from 'The Sleuth of Baker Street' bookstore in Toronto.

ArtiArtist's Mottle
AscTAscot Tie
BigPBig Plunger
CounCounterfeit Sovereign
DisaDisapperance of Whistler's Mother
DogKDog in the Knight
DoubDouble-Bogey Man
FinAFinal Adventure
LosPLost Prince
MisCMissing Cheyne-Stroke
MisQMissing Three-Quarters
PerUPerforated Ulster
PrinPrinter's Inc.
RetuReturn of Schlock Homes
SnarSnared Drummer
SpeBSpectacled Band
StoCStockbroker's Clark
WidoWidow's Weeds

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