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Here you will find pages with various Holmesian reference material. Abbreviations, Cross-References for two of the more popular 'Complete Sherlock Holmes' editions, and a Chronology of publication. If you have a Sherlockian reference work that you would like published here on Yoxley, drop me a line and I'm sure we can get it posted.

Abbreviations for the Canon - standard short forms for the Sherlock Holmes story titles

Abbreviations for the Exploits - standard short forms for the Exploits of Sherlock Holmes

Abbreviations for Solar Pons - standard short forms for Solar Pons

Abbreviations for Schlock Holmes - standard short forms for Schlock Holmes

Doubleday to Baring-Gould Cross Reference - cross-references of the Canon

Chronology of the Canon Publication - publication order of the 60 Sherlock Holmes tales

Sherlockian Information - Yoxley's page of listings of links to other Sherlockian reference material


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