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Abbreviations for the Exploits of Sherlock Holmes

By Chris Redmond

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Chris Redmond, MBt, BSI is a long time, noted Sherlockian. These abbreviations, similar to those of Jay Finley Christ, cover the Sherlock Holmes stories written by Doyle's son Adrian Conan Doyle and Doyle biographer, John Dickson Carr. Be sure to visit Chris at his excellent web site A Sherlockian Holmepage.

AbbasThe Adventure of the Abbas Rubby
BlacBThe Adventure of the Black Baronet
DarkAThe Adventure of the Dark Angeles
DeptfThe Adventure of the Deptford Horror
FoulkThe Adventure of Foulkes Rath
GoldHThe Adventure of the Gold Hunter
HighgThe Adventure of the Highgate Miracle
RedWiThe Adventure of the Red Widow
SealdThe Adventure of the Sealed Room
SevenThe Adventure of the Seven Clocks
2WomnThe Adventure of the Two Women
WaxGaThe Adventure of the Wax Gamblers

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