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Abbreviations for the Sherlock Holmes Canon

By Jay Finley Christ

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TAOThe Adventure of ...  
AbbeTAO the Abbey GrangeNavaThe Naval Treaty
BeryTAO the Beryl CoronetNoblThe Noble Bachelor
BlacTAO Black PeterNorwTAO the Norwood Builder
BlanTAO the Blanched SoldierPrioTAO the Priory School
BlueTAO the Blue CarbuncleRedCTAO the Red Circle
BoscTAO the Boscombe Valley Mystery RedHTAO the Red-Headed League
BrucTAO the Bruce-Partington PlansReigThe Reigate Squires
CardTAO the Cardboard BoxResiTAO the Resident Patient
ChasTAO Charles Augustus MilvertonRetiThe Retired Colourman
CoppTAO the Copper BeechesScanA Scandal in Bohemia
CreeTAO the Creeping ManSecoTAO the Second Stain
CrooTAO the Crooked ManShosTAO Shoscombe Old Place
DancTAO the Dancing MenSignThe Sign of the Four
DeviTAO the Devil's FootSilvSilver Blaze
DyinTAO the Dying DetectiveSixNTAO the Six Napoleons
EmptTAO the Empty HouseSoliTAO the Solitary Cyclist
EngrTAO the Engineer's ThumbSpecThe Speckled Band
FinaTAO the Final ProblemStocTAO the Stockbroker's Clerk
FiveTAO the Five Orange PipsStudA Study in Scarlet
GlorTAO the Gloria ScottSussThe Sussex Vampire
GoldTAO the Golden Pince-NezThorTAO Thor Bridge
GreeTAO the Greek Interpreter3GabTAO the Three Gables
HounThe Hound of the Baskervilles3GarTAO the Three Garridebs
IdenA Case of Identity3StuTAO the Three Students
IlluThe Illustrious ClientTwisThe Man with the Twisted Lip
LadyThe Disapperance of Lady Frances CarfaxVallThe Valley of Fear
LastHis Last BowVeilTAO the Veiled Lodger
LionTAO the Lion's ManeWistTAO Wisteria Lodge
MazaThe Mazarin StoneYellThe Yellow face
MissTAO the Missing Three-Quarter  
MusgTAO the Musgrave RitualLostThe Lost Special
NavaThe Naval TreatyManWThe Man with the Watches

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