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The list of book sellers on the net is large. Finding the Holmes book you want can become more than a hope, and more of a quest. So I've begun to 'score' the links and notate the score at the end of the line such as [8] etc. I wish I was organized enough to have an actually marking criteria or scoring system ... but I don't. The only 'rule' I have is to get a 8, 9 or 10 a site must have a seperate, distinct Holmes section that's easy to find. And just having a Holmes section doesn't automatically get a high score ... the section has to have at least 20-25 or more Holmes titles.

Use these rankings as a guide only. They represent one persons opinion, on one visit on one day. Sites change, stock changes, my particular mood changes and I may have visited a few really good places then marked a third lower than I should or vice versa. And most importantly this scoring is based entirely on Holmes/Doyle content. Really great sites can score low because they have little or no Holmes content but are well worth a visit if you are interested in more than just Holmes. And also remember Murphy ... 'the site with a [1] is the site with the particular book you want'.

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