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There are literally dozens, perhaps hundreds of groups worldwide devoted to Sherlock Holmes. They can range in membership from a handfull to hundreds or thousands, meeting monthly, semi-annually or whenever the mood strikes. Listed here are a few of those societies with details on when & where they meet, publications, costs, etc. If you would like your Sherlockian society featured here on Yoxley like the ones on listed below, drop me a line.

The Brooks of Carlisle - Sherlockian society from Carlisle, PA

Moriarty's Mathematicians - Sherlockian society from Lowell, AR

Uno Studio in Holmes - Sherlockian society from Florence, Italy

The Sherlock Holmes Society of Australia - Sherlockian society from Adelaide, Australia

Montague Street Lodgers Meeting - Pictures from a Montague Street Lodgers Meeting

1999 Annual NYC Sherlockian Weekend - Pictures from the 1999 Weekend

Societies on the Web - Yoxley's page of listings of links to other online Sherlockian societies


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