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The Brooks of Carlisle

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The Brooks of Carlisle was founded in the 1980's as a way of bringing Sherlockians in the Dickinson College community and those in the town of Carlisle at large together.


Originally meetings were held monthly, but in the course of time (and with decreasing student membership) they have dwindled in frequency to about twice a year. They are usually held at one of the used bookstores in Carlisle (Pomfret Street Books or Cover-to-Cover Books) on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. The average meeting includes a quiz with an array of unusual prizes and discussion of a particular story or theme in the Canon.

Publication & Costs

The group does not publish a newsletter but as a result there is also no cost for belonging.


Membership is open to all Sherlockians, and meetings have attracted participants from Maryland, the New York area, and all over central Pennsylvania. There is a sizable overlap in membership with the White Rose Irregulars of York, Pennsylvania.

Contact name

More information is available from;

Thomas Drucker
304 South Hanover Street
Carlisle, PA
USA, 17013

Contact Thomas Drucker for more information or to become a member.


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