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"I have my eye on a suite in Baker Street, which would suit us down to the ground."

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There are over 100 sites in the ring as of February 2000. Once you complete the form below, you will go to another page, as well as receive an automatic email, with a version of the webring navigation code. The code will look like the above navigation box but you are free to change colors, add graphics, or anything else you wish as long as the numerical references to your Site ID remain the same. I make it sound more complicated than it really is, but if you have any questions, again drop me a note. Other samples of navigation boxes can be found on this page.

The only requirements to join the Webring are, naturally, a site that has Sherlockian or Conan Doyle content and that your site does not contain excessive or explicit "adult" content. Given the nature of the subject matter, Holmes mystery stories, some content may be viewed as inappropriate for younger viewers ... that is *not* the type of "adult" content I mean. So, if you are interested, visit the Baker Street Site Submission page or use the forms below to sign-up or edit your site information. You need to add the code to your site as soon as possible so that visitors can continue along Baker Street after they visit your site. I try to check regularly to see if the code is present, or you can email me when it's added to make sure I come by to check. I can not add your site until the ring navigation code has been added somewhere on your site that is easily located by visitors.

Beginning April 01, 2000 sites that have applied to move into a Baker Street flat but have not added the required code within 60 days will have their application automatically rejected by the system. This gives you more than enough time to add the code and saves me having to chase people down. You would of course be free to apply again anytime in the future.

Feel free to email me @ if you have any questions.

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