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Yoxley is on the move! Yoxley has called GeoCities home since May 1997 but has ougrown what can be provided by a free hosting service. The intial move is mainly just getting all the pages converted over to the new site. The next little while will be settling in and fixing any bugs or broken links. Then I'll begin to explore what new features I can offer (ie I get to play with a whole new set of web toys). If you come across any problems, please drop me a note.

Yoxley can now be found at but fear not loyal fans of GeoCities ... most of Yoxleys' rooms will also remain here as a mirror site. It may be a number of months before the rooms here get fully updated but they will remain. Once I'm fully set-up at the new location I'll begin to think about Yoxley here on GeoCities ... maybe a framed site? or perhaps text only? or who knows what shape it will take on.

I should also note that the new location is using Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, Server Side Includes, and Perl scripts on most pages. A current browser (NS 4+ or IE 4+), high color (16 bit) and a screen resolution of at least 800x600 are required to see Yoxley as intended although I hope it is functional with whatever configuration you are using. Also of note, the annoying status bar scrolling text (if you can see it) will disappear within a few weeks.


The Table of Contents page lists just about everything on this site on one page. Use it for faster navigation through the site rather than the various menu & sub-menu pages.


As the pages are updated, I am adding HTML code that allows you (if your browser supports it) to click on the Holmes profile and 'Study in Scarlet' graphics to take you to the main page and table-of-contents page respectively. So when you see ...

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