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All work and no play makes ... well, probably lots of money. But I digress. This page is an experimental page and therefore always "under construction". On here you will find Newsletters, Reminder services and other ways to keep up to date on changes here at Yoxley. Several of these services can be used to track your other favorite sites (Yoxley is a favorite site right?) or used on your own site if you have one. There is also a bulletin board or Assembly; places where you can help me out and Vote for Yoxley if you like the site; and Miscellaneous other thing-a-ma-bobs I'm trying out. Of course, alot of this has little to do with Holmes but, like I mentioned at the start ... 'All work and no play ...'. So if you have a few minutes to spare and enjoy tinkering as much as I do, lets begin.

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Sherlock Holmes - Vine

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Starting Point is one of the first places I registered with long, long ago when I first started this page ... ahhh May. I remember like it was only last year ... which come to think of it, it was. Anyways, Starting Point seems to be the biggest player in the "Vote for my site" world, at least I haven't seen anyone who comes close yet. Starting Point is a straight forward 'click&vote' link. You click, and you have voted. Click here to Vote for Yoxley if you can not click the image. If I remember the rules, you can vote for only one site per day.

Sherlock Holmes - Vine

Join the 221b.Assembly

Register for 221b.Assembly
I started this in the summer of '97. Those of you familiar with the BBS type of message bases will be pretty comfortable with the Assembly. The only annoying thing, to me anyways, is you have to login if you want to post any messages. You can pop in and read them anytime though so logins are only required when you want to post a message.
Join the 221b.Assembly
Drop by 221b.Assembly and let me know what you think. If you like it, bookmark it and come back often. And if you have a Website of your own and want to put a link in to the Assembly, let me know and I'll send you the code. I'll replace my URL in the Assembly as the Homepage with one that will list all participating sites as co-sponsers of the Assembly.

Visit Baker Street @ Yahoo!, an online club for Baker Street members and travelers alike.

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Yoxley on CoolList
You can visit the Cool List site and sign up for the 'yoxley' mail list yourself or, send me an email to "Join Yoxley Mailing List". Just click the previous link and an email will pop open if your browser supports it. If your browser doesn't support "mailto" references, just email me at and let me know you want to join.
I try (heavy stress on the try part) to send out an update once a week with the changes that have occured over the last seven days here on Yoxley. This is however a true mailing list. If you send an email to the list everyone on it gets a copy. If it develops into more than a means to send out updates and everyone is comforTable with it, great! If it remains just a way to send out the newsletter, that's ok as well. Everyone on the list (30 as of 9902.15) can help decide how the list will ulimately be used. To unsubscribe from the list you can go back to the Cool List site and follow the guides; send me another email and I'll remove your name (this is a manual process so you can still get emails until I get your message and remove your name); or follow the instructions that come with your 'welcome to the list' message. If you ever do decide to unsubscribe please let me know if it is something that has occured on the list, or hasn't occured that made you leave. I know we all can get more emails than we can deal with and sometimes a little cutting back happens but, we'll be sorry to see you leave.
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Note: Due to heavy usage of this free service, response times can be verrrry slow or even down at times.

Sherlock Holmes - Vine

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Right then ... your guess is as good as mine. It is sort of like a 'Free-for-all' link page hosted by IBM. I can not seem to change my settings though so the percentages with the listed links is well off what they should be. If you figure it out, let me know the secret ... 'I must confess I'm baffled'. Want a quick URL/address to remember to get to this site? These folks have helped out. Yoxley can now be reached at "". If you are using Netscape just type "" without the quotes in your location box. I don't know what it is called on other browsers but it's the little window that shows you the URL address of the Web page. Kinda neat.


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