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Sherlock Holmes - Vines

1997 History File

The history of Yoxley Old Place for 1998. All changes to the site are listed here in reverse chronolgoical order.


  • Returning to the site after a few months of a) continued attempt to adjust to life with a bad back, b) returning to my job after months off with said bad back, c) handling my fathers estate affairs, d) handling a 76 year old mother who insists she can look after herself now dad is gone despite being almost unable to walk and insisting that the growth on the side of her face is from a fall and not cancer ... and how was your early spring?
  • Due to the above notes, my time online will be greatly reduced from what it was previously. Over the next few weeks I intend to update whatever pages need updating, adding a few more links, and finishing off some work with others that I started before all this began.
  • I'm also going to get back to all of you who were kind enough to drop me a note about my recent loss. I truly appreciate the time you took to send me words of encouragement.

    Sherlock - Vines

    1997.12.15 - 1998.01.18

  • added this weeks Rememberances,
  • added A Study in Scarlet,
  • added Calendar of Events,
  • added Publication Chronology,
  • added Sherlock Holmes Society of Australia,
  • added TAO the Blue Carbuncle,
  • added Sherlockian Christmas Carols,
  • updated Baker Street Residents now with 33 sites,
  • updated Awards pages,
  • updated News & Tips page,
  • updated Missing Kids page,
  • updated Pre-Load Graphics page,
  • updated All Link pages and New Links page,
  • updated the Table of Contents page
  • moved Abbreviations for the Canon,
  • moved Abbreviations for the Exploits of Sherlock Holmes,
  • moved Abbreviations for Solar Pons,
  • moved Abbreviations for Schlock Holmes,
  • moved Doubleday to Baring-Gould Cross Reference
  • moved The Brooks of Carlisle,Moriarty's Mathematicians,
  • moved Uno Studio in Holmes,
  • added, then removed Christmas decorations,
  • alot of code tweaking on most pages,
  • added 1998 Layout and design to all pages

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