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"He is now translating my small works into French."

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Mr. Sherlock Holmes transcends national borders and languages. The Canon is one of the most widely translated bodies of work and, as a result, we can find Web sites in many languages and from many countries.

AltaVista: Translations can translate up to 5k of text to/from English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Poutuguese. It's not exact but, it is understandable, at least when translating into english.

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Ceskß/Czech | Japanese | Korean | Portugese | Swedish | Russian | Yugoslavia | Poland

BTW, I have enough trouble with English, so I will apologize ahead of time if I have made any errors on language and/or country. Please let me know if I have and the proper way for me to notate these links if you are able and have a few spare moments.

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