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"...half a dozen of the dirtiest and most ragged street Arabs that I have ever clapped eyes on"

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The 'Baker Street Irregulars' was the first, formal society devoted to Sherlock Holmes. Since then clubs have formed in dozens of countries from all corners of the globe and number in the hundreds. Listed below are the ones that currently have a presence on the Web, as well as web based clubs and groups.

International Societies | USA Societies | Misc Scion Information | Mailing Lists, Online Clubs & Newsgroups

"All that is required for a scion meeting is two Sherlockians and a bottle. In case of emergency, dispense with the other Sherlockian."

           John Bennett Shaw, BSI

Besides the sites above, the web has many, many other sites for the Sherlockian surfer. Well over 1200 sorted sites/pages are listed in the Yoxley Commonplace Book

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