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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created Sherlock Holmes early in 1886. Over the years he has appeared in print, on stage, on film, on radio and on television. With each new technological step forward, Sherlock Holmes has not been far behind. Now, we have personal computers, CD-ROMs and ... the Web ... and of course, we have Sherlock Holmes. Listed below are some of the best sites for Sherlockians to visit.


Chris Redmond, BSI MBt, one of the best Sherlockian sites on the web. Chris is the author of a number of Sherlockian works, former editor of the Bootmakers journal 'Canadian Holmes', and the son of noted Sherlockian Donald Redmond. A must see stop on your Holmesian surfing. A European mirror of Sherlockian Holmepage is located in France. Bee Hive

Sherlocktron's Holmepage

A wealth of Sherlockian information by Willis Frick. Willis had one of the first, if not the first, electronic Holmesian efforts with the Sherlocktron BBS. Massive listings of Holmesian retailers, Scions, publications and home to Peter Blau's 'Scuttlebutt from the Spermaceti Press'. Another must see site. (221b)

Camden House

Olivia Adler is now in charge of David Soucek's excellent site with lots of info, pics, sounds and the Holmes canon online with original illustrations. Camden House also features the first, and so far only, Sherlocian site with Czech content. Visually appealing site, well worth a visit. (221b)

Foxhound's Sherlockian Page

Large number of essays and pastiches written or gathered by KP, a.k.a. "A Pure-blooded, Well-trained Foxhound". KP had a large section on Mary Russell, the pastiche series by Laurie R. King. Very interesting reading.

The Doge of St Louis' Domain

Sherlock Holmes FAQs and Sherlockian papers by Charles Lavazzi. Chuck is a radio personality from St Louis who maintains a number of Holmesian FAQs and has "even contributed to the literature of the subject" with a few Sherlockian papers. (221b)

Sherlockian Atlas

Jennifer Newbury's ambitious reference site is now 2/3's complete. Jennifer and friends are working on a complete, cross-linked set of geographical references in the Canon. A definate must see site. A European mirror of Sherlockian Atlas is located in France. (221b)

Oh, you don't know Sherlock Holmes yet!

Very nice, visually appealling site by Shraddha Pai. While Ms. Pai is taking a break from the site for school, it is still worth the visit for Sherlockian quotes, Agony Columns and more. (221b)

Gaslight on the Web

Tom Bayne's well done tribute to Sherlock in the movies, in comics, on stage and in all media. Numerous pictures and well worth a visit. (221b)

Sheryl's Sherlock Holmes Site

Very good site by Sheryl Franklin with links, and lots of Sherlockian pics and sounds. (221b)

Sherlock Holmes

Lee Shackleford is a freelance writer and illustrator whose Sherlockian play "Holmes & Watson" enjoyed a successful run off-Broadway in 1990. His cartoons appear regularly in the "Baker Street Journal". Lee also hosts the homepage of The Genius Loci, the Birmingham, Alabama Sherlockian society. (221b)

Sherlock Holmes Brasil

Graciliano Camargo's site in Portugese. Well worth a look even if you don't speak Portugese. Graciliano has put together a fantastic site taking full advantage of current web technology, wonderfull graphics and full use of javascript show what a site can be with time, patience and effort. (221b)

Sherlock Holmes International

Sites listed by seven languages by Sebastien Canevet. A North American mirror of Sherlock Holmes International (English) is located in California. (221b)

Sherlock Holmes, with Jeremy Brett

Baptiste Marcels' site full of pictures, a 1996 interview with June Wyndham-Davies and other items of interest (221b)

The Gloria Scott

Tomoji Ohta's site from Kobe, Japan with excellent info on Holmes in the Far East. Learn about the origins of Holmesian interest in Japan all the way up to the current scene. (221b)

The Sherlockian Connection

Les Moskowitz manages the Hounds of the Internet mailing list. Les has recent Hounds messages online and info on how to subscribe to the list. If you like Holmes in large doses, subscribe and join in with over 500 other members as each week a story from the Canon is discussed at lenght.

221b Baker Street

Michael Sherman's top notch site recently relocated to Michael was one of the first online with Holmesian sounds, pics and online canon.

Sherlock Holmes in My Life

Mimmi Gruffman-Ronnlund's site with her pics from England and Canon synopsis. An older, alternate URL. (221b)

Besides the sites above, the web has many, many other sites for the Sherlockian surfer. Well over 1200 sorted sites/pages are listed in the Yoxley Commonplace Book

Sites noted (221b) are part of the Baker Street webring, 100+ sites of Sherlockian interest.

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