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"I have my eye on a suite in Baker Street, which would suit us down to the ground."

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Besides Sherlock Holmes, these are the other 114 current residents on Baker Street. We have private residences; the occasional shoppe for you to purchase items that sustain; places to quench your thirst or grab a meal; and as Mycroft has his Diogenes, Baker Street offers a number of establishments to gather and meet with fellow Sherlockians and/or Doyleans.

1 Baker Street: Yoxley Old Place - Residence of 'Fred Porlock'
Links to many other Sherlockian sites / pages, a growing onsite library of reference material on Holmes and the Canon including a section for/by kids, and privledged to be 'hosting' the Baker Street Webring. (You are here)

2 Baker Street: Oh, you don't know Sherlock Holmes yet! - Residence of Miss Helen Stoner (aka Shraddha Pai)
A glowing tribute to the greatest detective there ever was - Sherlock Holmes. Includes the Canon, list of global fan clubs, quotes, comics, and even a Top Ten list! Guaranteed to please all fans of the Master and his brilliant logic.

3 Baker Street: Sherlockian Snippets Web Page - Residence of Tabitha
Sherlockian Snippets, the e-mail newsletter for devotees of Sherlock Holmes

4 Baker Street:

5 Baker Street:

6 Baker Street: The_Doge's Domain - Residence of "The_Doge of St. Louis"
Miscellaneous ephemera of interest, including Sherlockian papers, home of the FAQ list, theater reviews, etc.

7 Baker Street: The Arthur Conan Doyle Society - Club. Christopher & Barbara Roden, Directors
Covers the activites of the Arthur Conan Doyle Society and provides chronological and biographical details of the author of the Sherlock Holmes stories.

8 Baker Street: Gaslight on the Web - Residence of Tom Bayne
Dedicated to Sherlock Holmes in all his many incarnations, not limited to the Canon, but looks at movies, television, comics, etc. Sharing personal feelings and love for the Great Detective.

9 Baker Street: Calabash Press - Shoppe. Christopher & Barbara Roden, Proprietors
Calabash Press publishes books by Sherlockians for Sherlockians. Complete list of titles available posted in front window.

10 Baker Street:Camden House - Residence of Olivia Adler
This house *was* empty. Ms. Adler moved in, because it "commands so excellent a view" of Baker Street. The Canon, Encyclopaedia Canonica, Who's Who, spiced with a lot of graphics and sounds. English, German and Czech are often heard in this residence.

11 Baker Street:

12 Baker Street: Lee Shackleford's Sherlockian Pages - Residence of Lee Eric Shackleford
Mr. Shackleford is a freelance writer and illustrator whose Sherlockian play "Holmes & Watson" enjoyed a successful run off-Broadway in 1990. His cartoons appear regularly in the "Baker Street Journal".

13 Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes Brasil - Residence of Graciliano Camargo
Brazilian style residence. Read all Holmes' books online, visit links, solve mysteries and take a walk on the streets of London.

14 Baker Street: Sheryl's Sherlock Site - Residence of Sheryl Franklin
Sherlock Holmes site with a nice variety of Holmes' quotes, pictures, graphics, sounds and links!

15 Baker Street: Grand Strand Sherlockian Society - Club. Ronnie Sarkari, Director
A group of fans of Mr Sherlock Holmes. The group collectively has designed the house and we all participate in its working. We would love to add more links from our home to others.

16 Baker Street: The Gloria Scott - Residence of Jack Prendergast (aka Tomoji Ohta)
This website spread from far east mainly provides you some information on Japanese Sherlockian movement and the connection between the Master and Japan in various view, with remarkable visuals.

17 Baker Street:

18 Baker Street: San Francisco Bay Area Sherlockian Societies - Club. Old Frankland of Lafter Hall, Director
Information on, and news about the San Francisco Bay Area Sherlockian societies. Postings include newsletter articles and photos, news Sherlockian, society contacts and meeting and event schedules.

19 Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective on DVD - Infinite Ventures Shoppe
The official home of Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective on DVD, an all new interactive DVD murder mystery series

20 Baker Street: Les Dix Sept Marches - Sherlock Holmes - Residence of 'Billy' (aka Sebastien Canevet)
French style residence all about the French plots in the adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

21 Baker Street:The Sydney Passengers - Club. Bill Barnes, Director
Find out: Who are The Sydney Passengers? What do they do? Where and when do they do it? And how to contact them.

22 Baker Street: The Sherlock Holmes Atlas - Residence of 'His Cherrywood Pipe' (aka Jennifer Newbury)
Under renovations, this site will eventually contain every geographical reference in the Sherlock Holmes canon, appropriately mapped on a Victorian-era atlas.

23 Baker Street: The Sherlock Holmes Public House & Restaurant Pub.
Home of the world famous London Pub devoted to Sherlock Holmes. Informtion on memorabilia, menus, opening times, history, staff, etc.

24 Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes, with Jeremy Brett - Residence of Baptiste Marcel
Drawing of the Conan Doyle characters and stories, interview of June Wyndham Davies (producer of Brett's TV series) and episode list with French titles.

25 Baker Street: Under renovations

Online Sherlockian Group
Join us in Baker Street

26 Baker Street: Maiwand Jezails -Club. Jerry Prazan M.J., Director
An occasional collection of "unclubable" men that meet yearly to discuss the Canon and related issues.

27 Baker Street:

28 Baker Street: Rob's Holmespage - Residence of Robert M. Flemen
Sherlock Holmes and tobacco. Features include numerous links, listings, and an online quiz.

29 Baker Street: The Beekeeper's Holmes Page - Residence of Rebecca J. Anderson
The official site for Laurie R. King's mysteries about Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell. Includes latest book and author news, plus the RUSS-L mailing list.

30 Baker Street: Under renovations

31 Baker Street: Holmes! A New Musical - Theatre
Holmes! is a new musical based on the characters of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Learn about the show, see photos from rehearsals and performances, and hear the music and songs

32 Baker Street:Sherlock Holmes, The Consulting Detective - Residence of Irene Mikhlin
Ms Mikhlin's corner in the Sherlockiana world.

33 Baker Street:

34 Baker Street:"The Case of the Detective's Smile" - Library. Mark Bourne, Librarian
Story previously published in the book Sherlock Holmes in Orbit, in which we observe the Master's encounter with a certain other great Victorian figure.

35 Baker Street:The Dancing Men - Residence of Monika Plum
Eine kleien Link-Sammlung zu Seiten, die sich mit dem Thema Sherlock Holmes befassen. Demn�chst kommen noch einige interessante Artikel �ber den Meisterdetektiv hinzu

36 Baker Street: The Sherlock Holmes Society of London - Club. Paul Hobbs, Director
The Sherlock Holmes Society of London is the world's foremost literary society devoted to the great detective. It was founded in 1934 by leading crime writers such as Dorothy L. Sayers, and re-established in 1951 it has a membership of over a thousand, drawn from every corner of the globe, including countries as varied as Mexico and Iran.

37 Baker Street: Stu & Andi's Roscoe Page - Residence of Stu Shiffman & Andi Shechter
Diverse interests in science fiction, mystery & art, etc. Sherlock Holmes fan links, Wodehouse, etc.

38 Baker Street: Baker Street Irregulars Web Graphics - Shoppe.
Web graphic support to investigators and organisations involved in investigation. Helping investigators get onto the web in pursuit of their quarry. Sort of 'latter-day' Baker Street Irregulars!

39 Baker Street: The Sherlockian Info Source - Residence of Jared
Under renovations, so please, watch the equipment on the way in. Dedicated to the studies of Sherlock Holmes.

40 Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes - Residence of Joshua Zumhagen
Full of fun Mystery and Information about The Great Detective and much,much more.

41 Baker Street: Sherlocktron - Residence of Willis Frick
Several major sections: Databases on Sherlock Holmes Societies throughout the world; Sherlockian Publications; purveyors of all sorts of Sherlockian items. What is for sale, who sells it and how to contact them; and lots more!

42 Baker Street:

43 Baker Street: I hear of Sherlock everywhere - Residence of Mia Stampe
From my Curiosity Bookshelf... Here you'll find general Sherlockian information about books, films, discussion lists and pastiches. I have also included my own articles, some of my favorite graphics and pictures and a great many references and links to the best web-sites.

44 Baker Street: 221b Baker Street. Sherlock Holmes - Residence of Jim Rogers
Original story links and will soon have an interactive adventure.

45 Baker Street: Soci�t� Sherlock Holmes de France - Club. Alexis Barquin, Director
The official home of the Sherlock Holmes Society of France, "Les Quincailliers de la Franco-Midland" with everything about French Holmesology: meetings, newspapers, books, pictures, review of the press, etc. (in english)

46 Baker Street: Jabez Wilson's Basement - Club.
Wilson's Basement Dwellers are dedicated to the study of all that is humorous and/or bizarre in the Sherlockian World. This site includes a monthly Bizarre Collectibles Contest, a pun page, quizzes, and lots of other silliness.

47 Baker Street: The Wold Newton Universe - Residence of Win Eckert
Philip Jose Farmer theorized that many of literature's greatest heroes, detectives, explorers and villains, such as Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes, Professor Moriarty, Tarzan, Doc Savage and Fu Manchu, are part of the same genetic family. Info on stories, graphics & links to the Holmes Chronology.

48 Baker Street:

49 Baker Street:

50 Baker Street: The Seventeen Steps - Residence of Peter Buckley
Under renovations, original Sherlock Holmes fiction, links and quiz pages

Online Sherlockian Group
Join us in Baker Street

51 Baker Street: Theology of Sherlock Holmes - Residence of Martin Wishnatsky
An analysis of the moral character of Sherlock Holmes and the Christian culture in which he lived as reflected in Doyle's use of Christian concepts and ideals

52 Baker Street:

53 Baker Street: Monty's Sherlock Holmes Website - Residence of Volker Schoessler
Under renovations, the stories are intended to be a short excerpt of the complete work. To be added in the near future is a section with pictures of Victorian London (around 1890 - 1900) and, of course, a lot of links to other Sherlockian websites plus some other surprise features!

54 Baker Street:

55 Baker Street: Concordances to Sherlock Holmes Novels - Residence of William A. Williams, Jr.
A complete concordance (word index) to all the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, with direct linking to the text, full navigation between pages and word occurrences. Also, individual concordances for the 4 Sherlock Holmes novels.

56 Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes: The Canon - Library. Hariharan Ananthanarayanan, Librarian
Contains all the 4 novels and 56 short stories (in HTML format) of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

57 Baker Street:

58 Baker Street: Terry's Web Page - Residence of Terry Ffoulkes
About the author and also a room designated for Sherlock holmes

59 Baker Street: Ribston-Pippins - Club. Regina Stinson, Director
Devoted to celebrating the many ways in which we enjoy Sherlock Holmes. Commemorates the tenth anniversary of the Ribston-Pippins scion with photos and toasts. There is a puzzle room that is renovated monthly, an essay room, a mystery weekend room and a room dedicated to the Scandalous Bohemians and their poetry

60 Baker Street: Erez`s Sherlock Holmes Page - Residence of Erez Cohen
General information about Holmes and Watson, Holmes pictures, movies, quotes and links

61 Baker Street: Florentine Sherlock Holmes - Club. Enrico Solito, Director
Italian style residence with the best of the work of Italian "uno studio in Holmes", the only society in Italy, scion society of BSI and member of Federation of Latin Holmesian Societies. Many articles are translated into english.

62 Baker Street: Baker St. (atleast a tidy piece of it) - Residence of SarahMK
Oh, dear. Why don't you just come in? There's too much to explain as far as dust and forensics go

63 Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes Desktop Theme Site - Residence of Dimitrios Markatos
Home of Sherlock Holmes MSPlus Desktop Theme

64 Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes Book List - Residence of Grobius Shortling
This is an extension of the Grobius Shortling Mystery Novel site. It contains a selected reading list of Sherlock Holmes books and pastiches.

65 Baker Street: ACD House, Norwood - Residence of Baritsuman
A small house devoted to ACD's house at Norwood, where he wrote many Holmes stories. You can help to preserve it!

66 Baker Street: Under renovations

67 Baker Street:

68 Baker Street:

69 Baker Street:

70 Baker Street: The Diogenese Club - Residence of 'Mycroft Holmes'
The Diogenese Club has rooms relating to and of Sherlockian scholarship, unusual Sherlockiana, the Canon, the Apocrypha, brief biographical sketches of important Sherlockians, Sherlockian links and more to come. Please visit often, but remember: No talking except in the Stranger's room.

71 Baker Street: Song of the Humpback Whale - Residence of J. Thomas Crammond
Humpback Whale (secretary) of the Harpooners of the Sea Unicorn - a Sherlockian Society

72 Baker Street:

73 Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes Shoppe - Shoppe. Carolyn and Joel Senter, Proprietors
Dedicated to bringing the world of Sherlock Holmes to the internet. Providing the best in collectibles and books is only a part of our offerings. We give glimpses of the active Sherlockian world through Persons, Places, and Things. We provide amusement through quizzes, short mysteries, and feature articles

74 Baker Street: Shawn's Old Time Radio Gallery - Radio Station. Shawn Thomas, Wireless Operator
Old Time radio shows for on-demand listening or download. Rathbone & Bruce programs, as well as comedy, mystery, sleuths, and horror. Renovations biweekly (Shawn passed away July 25, 1999 and his mother is keeping the site going in his memory)

75 Baker Street: Shoso-in Bulletin - Publishing House. Hirayama Yuichi (BSI), Publisher
The Shoso-in Bulletin, an internatioanl Sherlockian magazine

Online Sherlockian Group
Join us in Baker Street

76 Baker Street: Nashville Scholars (Three Pipe Problem) - Residence/Club of Jim Hawkins
The Nashville Scholars, a Sherlockian literary club founded in 1979, features a web site with interviews of leading Sherlockians, members listing, and our award-winning newsletter: Plugs & Dottles. Bi-monthly meetings.

77 Baker Street: Dagger of the Mind - Residence of Barbara Peterson
An online monthly magazine devoted to the genres of mystery, suspense and horror in the radio, theatre and live television. Holmes will be featured on many occasions.

78 Baker Street:

79 Baker Street: Bradleys Books - Shoppe. Bradley Hodge, Proprietor
Bookdealer specializing in assisting the bibliophile to define their collection and acquire new titles at reasonable prices

80 Baker Street: A Dedication to Jeremy Brett - Residence of Brettish Sherlockian
In loving memory of the late Mr. Jeremy Brett (1933-1995) -- a man who has touched the lives of millions. This is a "dedication" to his career, his life, his infleunce, and his self. To the man who WAS Sherlock Holmes...

81 Baker Street: Chronique du d�tective Holm�sien - Residence of Thierry Melan
on peut trouver plien de renseignement sur Sherlock Holmes ainsi qu'un Bulletin Holm�sien qui parait tout les mois uniquement sur le Web, je crois etre le premier a le faire il existe depuis 1 an

82 Baker Street: Les Evad�s de Dartmoor - Club. Francis Segond, Director
Societe Strasbourgeoise D'Etudes Holmesienne, based in Strasbourg France, dedicated to the study of the Sherlockian canonic texts, and more generally to the study of detective literature.

83 Baker Street: The Blustering Gales from the South-West - Club. Paula Salo, Director
Home for Sherlockians in the South Bay area of Southern California

84 Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes in My Life - Residence of Mimmi Gruffman-Ronnlund
a lot of information regarding the original stories about Sherlock Holmes. Enjoy your visit!

85 Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes en Francais - Residence of Laurent Gallienne
Diverse editions de Sherlock Holmes en Francais

86 Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes - Residence of Sam Allen
Sound files of radio broadcasts of the original Sherlock Holmes stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

87 Baker Street: The Sherlock Store - Shoppe. William S. Dorn, Proprietor
Everything about Sherlock Holmes: calendars, watches, books, return address labels, and other items. All for sale over the internet

88 Baker Street:

89 Baker Street: The Knights of Shag - The Survivors of the Gloria Scott - Club
The Survivors of the Gloria Scott, The Knights of Shag is a member of the Sherlock Holmes Societies of Greenville, South Carolina, Scion Societies of the Baker Street Irregulars. We are literary societies dedicated to the study of Sherlock Holmes and things Victorian

90 Baker Street:

91 Baker Street: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle at the Mad Cybrarian's Library - Residence of The Mad Cybrarian
An index of the online works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and related information. Includes links to all the e-texts of his works that I have found to date

92 Baker Street: The Brettish Empire - Residence of Lisa Oldham
A comprehensive tour of all things Brett

93 Baker Street: Mr Frankland's Home Page - Residence of David Richardson
A ramble through Lafter Hall conducted by Mr. Frankland. One can read about the Scandalous Bohemian Holmes chat on AOL, some things about Sherlock Holmes, and Dr. Watson, and explore some odd places on the Web

94 Baker Street: Garden Studio - Shoppe. Michael Yencho, Proprietor
Features two sculptures by artist Lynette Yencho

95 Baker Street: All to Jeremy Brett - Residence of Joanne Ho
My insights on Jeremy's talent in acting and singing

96 Baker Street: Wraithbones Sherlock Holmes Page - Residence of Emily P-K
Mainly Post-Doyle Fiction - but will probably expand as I get the time

97 Baker Street: Sherlock 101 - Residence of Marakay Rogers
Site with links to introductory information for beginning Sherlockians. Popular with high school and college students seeking basic information, texts online

98 Baker Street: Pondicherry Lodge and the PARiSH - Residence of Paul Ingerson
Sherlock Holmes in south London. Also his predecessors and rivals

99 Baker Street: SHADoWS - Residence of Paul Ingerson
Sherlock Holmes And Doctor Who

100 Baker Street: The Poor Folk upon the Moors - Club
Sherlockian society based in the south west of England, near Dartmoor, devoted to the study of the life and times of the characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Dr John H. Watson and, the worlds first consulting Detective, Mr Sherlock Holmes.

Online Sherlockian Group
Join us in Baker Street

101 Baker Street: Memoirs of a Sherlockian Freak! - Residence of Chibi Spanky
Dedicated to all Sherlockian cartoons and illustration. Plus my featured comic, Memoirs of a Sherlockian Freak!

102 Baker Street: Baskerville Bash - Residence of Ron Fish
Official offices of the Baskerville Bash, an annual Sherlockian Dinner held in New York City, and open to all Sherlockians.

103 Baker Street: Under the Jackknife: The Sherlockian Mantel - Residence of Leslie S. Klinger
A chronological table of Holmes life and times

104 Baker Street: Janus Books, Ltd. - Shoppe
Fine and first editions of Sherlockiana; mystery, detective, and suspense fiction; and related bibliography and criticism

105 Baker Street: Recently Purchased Residence

106 Baker Street: Bob's Sherlock Holmes Fiction Page - Residence of Bob Byrne
This is a new site with two SH components: 1) My own original Holmes fiction; 2) An extensive (still being developed) collection of SH photos from movies, tv and the stage.

107 Baker Street: Recently Purchased Residence

108 Baker Street: The Secret Marriage of Sherlock Holmes - Residence of Michael Atkinson
Excerpts from the Edgar Award Winning book The Secret Marriage of Sherlock Holmes, linked by story and different ways of reading, from depth psychology to deconstruction, showing how our pleasures in reading the Holmes adventures can be increased by understanding their links with eastern mythology.

109 Baker Street: The Great Mouse Detective: Disney's Underappreciated 26th Animated Film - Residence of "Irene Relda"
In 1986, Disney released The Great Mouse Detective, but it remains underappreciated! This is one of the first dedication websites devoted to Eve Titus' pint-sized and loveable version of Sherlock Holmes, Basil of Baker Street!

110 Baker Street: Recently Purchased Residence

111 Baker Street: Basil's and Mulan's Getaway from Their Fans - Residence of Jenny Stead
Attention all Basil and Mulan fans: Basil and Mulan have been sighted near the Wu Zhong Camp and Big Ben. Be on the look out for a girl and a mouse. They may be going as a ship captain and a chinese imperial officer.

112 Baker Street: The Common Loafers - Club. Aziz B.Adam, Director
Home of Malaysian Sherlockians to discuss anything they like about Sherlock Holmes.

113 Baker Street: Shannon Holmes' Sherlock Holmes Page - Residence of Shannon Holmes
Pictures of Jeremy Brett Edward Hardwicke, David Burke, Basil Rathbone, and Nigel Bruce, all of the Sherlock Holmes stories except for the stories form 'The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes', and also pastiches and stories that have the character Mary Russel.

114 Baker Street: Polska strona Sherlocka Holmesa - Residence of Marcin S. Borowski
Polska strona wielkiego detektywa. Historia, zycie, film, dzwieki. Zyciorysy Basila Rathbone'a, Petera Cushinga, Nicola Williamsona.

115 Baker Street: Always two there are... no more... no less - Residence of Morris Maciver
As the sage Yoda said, there are always two. Who is really the master? Sherlock Holmes, surely? Watson perhaps? Mycroft? Even Moriarty? Or Conan Doyle Himself? And the apprentice in all this? Holmes? Watson surely? Lestrade?! Or perhaps you!

116 Baker Street: VaporeonWolf's Headquarters - Residence of VaporeonWolf
I'm a kid. This is a POKeMON Web Site but I have some stuff on Sherlock Holmes because he's my hero. If you visit my All About VaporeonWolf page, You'll see what I mean!

117 Baker Street: The Yellow Page - Residence of Nicolas Palmier
A french home about Sherlock Holmes. You can find here some links, M. Palmier's book collection and everything about the great detective. At present only in french.

118 Baker Street: Recently Purchased Residence

119 Baker Street: Internationally Brettish - Club. Diane N. Tran, Director
Mr Jeremy Brett (1933-1995) was a versatile British actor with a distinguished 40-year career legacy, yet is best known for his Sherlock Holmes. This is a discussion club that is not limited to his Sherlock Holmes, but to ALL things Jeremy Brett. Upward and onward.

120 Baker Street: Baker Street Annex - Residence of Terry L Parsons
New home dedicated to the Master and the Holy Writ. Still under construction.

121 Baker Street: Billie's Sherlock Holmes Site - Residence of Billie J. Cotterman
New home dedicated to Sherlock Holmes and owners favorite Holmes actor, Jeremy Brett. Construction on a list of Sherlock Holmes books and magazines with reviews is the current renovation work underway. Still under construction.

All other Baker Street buildings are currently unoccupied. Visit our Sales Office to inquire about moving your Sherlockian site into Baker Street digs, the cost is right, it's free! Or, take a Random Hansom ride to somewhere on Baker Street.

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