Sherlock Stud

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
and the Diamond Gang

by Samantha Marcella

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Hello! My name is Sherlock Holmes. My companion is Dr. Watson. We will be telling the story, so you'd better listen up!

Holmes! Holmes! I have some breaking news! The diamond gang have stolen fifty pounds of gold!

"But I thought they were in jail!" said Holmes.

"Didn't you hear? The diamond gang broke out a week ago!"

"Is this the place?" asked Holmes.

"Yes it is. Holmes you're here'" cried the man. "The diamond gang robbed us! Can you help us?"

"Why, yes I can." said Holmes

"Holmes!" cried Watson.

"Not now Dr. Watson!" said Holmes, "But Watson you found a clue!"

"I did?" said Watson. "Oh yes I did! I did!"

"Watson! You did it! And look footprints! They lead right to the diamond gangs hideout!"


We solved the case again. We got the gold back where it belongs. The diamond gang is in jail again.


Samantha is 8yrs old and likes reading about Sherlock Holmes. You can email Sam with your comments or questions. This work is copyrighted © 1997-1999 by Samantha Marcella. My deep thanks to Samantha for allowing me to post this work on Yoxley Old Place.


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