Sherlock Stud

The Missing Shoe with Diamonds

by Sam Wilsher

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One day when I just went to sleep something came in my window and stole my slipper. When I woke up I didn't notice it until when I went to put my slipper on one of them was gone. I looked everywhere but I couldn't find one slipper so I rang Sherlock Holmes and I said "Sherlock Holmes I think someone has stolen my slipper with diamonds."

So Sherlock Holmes went looking for my slipper with diamonds in. The person that stole the slipper left footprints and Sherlock Holmes followed the footprints and it led to a very bad place. It had a lot of baddies there and they had lots of weapons, that was the frightening thing. Sherlock Holmes watched out for them. He made sure that they wouldn't attack him. Finally he reached a castle but there were guards there to stop him from going in the castle. So Sherlock Holmes killed the guards and the other baddies started to attack Sherlock Holmes and his helper Dr Watson (I forgot to tell you about Dr Watson) so Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson started to attack them. When Sherlock Holmes managed to kill one of them he took up the baddy's weapons and started to shoot at them. Finally they managed to kill all of them and Sherlock Holmes went into the castle but he had to do a riddle. Sherlock Holmes had the clues. He looked everywhere and he found the first clue. It said "Go to the chest to find the first clue" so Sherlock Holmes went to the chest and found the second clue. It said "Look under the carpet and find something." He found a door and found the book for the riddle. Someone was guarding it but Dr Watson had a dagger and killed him. They took the book and found my slipper.


Sam is 9yrs old (BDay Dec 21st) and lives on a farm with his Mom & Dad, brother & sister, 18 pets, and 4 computers. He likes football (aka soccer), riding his bike, playing with the pets and watching the Simpsons & Ren & Stimpy. You can email Sam with your comments or questions or visit his website. This work is copyrighted © 1997-1999 by Sam. My deep thanks to Sam for allowing me to post this work on Yoxley Old Place.


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