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"I was only waiting for this. Of course a copy is better than the original."

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Mr Sherlock Holmes has had far more stories written about him by other authors than Conan Doyle wrote himself. Holmes has met, helped, or worked with just about every famous person, real or fictional, in the last 100 years. Sherlock has traveled through space and time itself. Yoxley is proud and honored to bring you the stories listed below as well as offer links to stories posted on other sites. If you would like your Sherlockian work published here on Yoxley, drop me a line and I'm sure we can get it posted.

Convergence at Baker Street - X-Files/Holmes by Jeannine Ackerson

The Case of the Vronceaux Brougham - by Dr. Gerald McDaniel

The Adventure of Damascus Rode - by Mel Hughes

The Mystery Gift - by Bruce Scivally

The Memoir of the Dervish Curse - by Edmund Holmes

The Adventure of the Disappeared Aviatrix - by Edmund Holmes

The Case of the Missing Cayman - by Edmund Holmes

Young Sherlock Holmes - Holmes stories for / by kids

Pastiches & Parodies - Yoxley's page of listings of links to other Sherlockian pastiches & parodies

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