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Compiled by Luci Zahrey

November 1997

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This list was originally compiled by Luci Zahrey. Arrangements for it use by the 'Grand-Hounds' was facilitated by Bob Thomalen; and for its posting on Yoxley by Sandy "Esmerelda" Kozinn. My deep thanks to them all for the list; their efforts to 'Keep Green the Memory'; and allowing me to post the list.

The 'Grand-Hounds of the Internet' is a totally informal gathering of grandparents who know Sherlock Holmes is great and would like to pass this truth on to their grandchildren.

They are starting small, so things will be easy. When a member has a communication on a Grand-Hounds matter, he or she sends it to everyone at once.

Naturally members continue sending items of interest to all Sherlockians to the 'Hounds of the Internet', from whence they came, but on this sub-group, wandering off topic or bragging about the latest doings of their little wonders is fair game.

Use your nom, name, or granny or gramps -- just pass the word!

For further information, contact:

Lila Bess - ex875@cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Sandy Kozinn -
Bob Thomalen -

Sherlockian Childrens Books

Entries noted with a * are books Luci Zahrey already owns. She would be interested in all others at a reasonable price as well as any additions or corrections to the list. You can email Luci at or via post at the address at the end of this page.

Luci can also be reached by post at ...
Luci Zahray
685 Marylane Drive
Holland Mi 49423


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