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Sherlock Holmes is truly a universal character. In many countries, in many languages, and of course from all ages Holmes draws his fans. This section has new Sherlockian, or Sherlock-like stories written for / by kids, a large listing by Luci Zahrey of commercially published Sherlockiana for kids, plus drawings of Holmes by kids. Of course, big kids may like them too. If you know of any budding young Doyles, or any young Picassos who would like their work published here on Yoxley drop me a line and I'm sure we can get it posted.

Sherlockian Childrens Books - compiled by Luci Zahrey

Kids Sherlockian Artwork - Sherlock through the eyes of kids

Sherlock Brownie and the Carpet Circuit - by Cornelius Christian Spooklock

Sherlock Brownie and the Rat of Baskerville's - by Cornelius Christian

Sherlock Brownie and the Study in Sawdust! - by Cornelius Christian

Sherlock Brownie and the Invisible Mouse - by Cornelius Christian

The Missing Shoe with Diamonds - by Sam Wilsher

TAO Sherlock Holmes and the Diamond Gang - by Samantha Marcella

Spooklock courtesy of The Net Banshee

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