Sherlock Stud

Sherlock Brownie and the Invisible Mouse

by Cornelius Christian

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One day, when Sherlock Brownie was munching his lunch, there was a knock on the door.

It was my friend Joel - he wanted to play baseball with me; so I went out and we had a lot of fun playing baseball, but we had forgotten something. We had left the back door of our house open. After about ten minutes something strange happened - Sherlock Brownie (who was in his cage) spotted something in the far corner of the room. A creature of some sort had climbed up to HIS sack of food on the shelf and was eating it. But he could only see the food disappearing! There was nothing else he could see.

He decided to investigate. Managing to prise open the door of his cage, he followed the trail of damp mud that led from the back door into the yard. There was still nothing he could see.

Now this was getting very puzzling indeed. This called for some really good science (or forensic science, Sherlock Brownie could not remember which). Perhaps a strong microscopic organism was involved that he could not see. But again, a microbe cant make tracks in the mud can it?

Looking back at the tracks Sherlock Brownie made out the tracks were MOUSE TRACKS! Soon he spotted something else - a piece of cloth. It was yellow with long black stripes and looked most strange. Perhaps the mouse wore this strange cloth around him to make him invisble.

When Sherlock Brownie came slowly and thoughtfully back to my bedroom, he found a big mess inside. My clothes were on the floor, the drawers were open and the books were knocked down.

Sherlock spun round swiftly and went back to the tracks - he followed them very fast indeed and when the tracks stopped, he lifted his little nose from the ground and looked up and THERE was the MOUSE! The poor mouse (in his eagerness to get away) had forgotten to wear the strange (and magic) cloth around him and was clearly visible.

He looked sheepish and offered his small little paws to Sherlock Brownie -"arrest me" he said. So good old Sherlock Brownie arrested him and put him in a temporary prison (my empty drawer).


Cornelius Christian likes playing hockey, going to sunday school, and loves writing kid's stories! He has a pet hamster named Brownie. You can email Cornelius with your comments or questions. This work is copyrighted © 1997-1999 by Cornelius Christian. My deep thanks to Cornelius for allowing me to post this work on Yoxley Old Place.


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