Sherlock Stud

Sherlock Brownie and the Study in Sawdust!

by Cornelius Christian

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Sherlock Brownie is my pet hamster. He is also the world's greatest detective.

One day Sherlock Brownie was lying down on his sawdust bed when he jumped up with a start! He almost hit the roof of his cage with his little head. He had found something shining brightly in the sawdust and wondered what it was---------------- perhaps it was a coin that my little brother Nathaniel dropped into the cage by mistake (or for fun!). He looked and he wondered he looked and looked and he wondered again; he wondered so hard I thought his little head may fall off!

He crawled close to it and kicked it with his paws. It didnt move. He blew at it. And a cloud of sawdust arose all around and it was plain to him now that the bright object was not anything ordinary at all -------------------- it was a gold ring!!!!

Now who could have dropped a GOLD ring into HIS cage? Suddenly Sherlock Brownie started to feel very important about himself - he imagined he must be someone very special to find a gold ring in HIS cage.

And then he heard Mummy calling -------- "darling (to my dad) have you seen my ring anywhere? I can't find it anywhere." Dad was quite concerned about the whole thing and he told me and Nathaniel to join in the hunt to find the ring.

And guess who heard all this ----------- Sherlock Brownie of course! The top notch detective that he was, he was determined to help if he could. And of course he could, but how could he attract everybody's attention?

Suddenly he thought --- if I get on my wheel and go round and round very fast, and cause a real racket, maybe everyone will come my way.

So he got on his wheel and spun himself round like he'd never done before - not only did he go round and round, he jumped up and down as heavily as he could.

Now all this made some very unusual noises indeed and I stopped by the cage to see what it was all about. When Sherlock Brownie saw me out of the corner of his eye, he stopped spinning, jumped down and started to do a little Indian war dance around the ring. And then all at once ------------------------ I saw it; I picked it up and gave it back to Mom.

Mom and dad were so happy they did a little dance ! And we all decided to give Sherlock Brownie a real treat ---- coconut and sunflower seeds and peanuts.

I came back to see Sherlock Brownie an hour later ------ he was stretched out on the sawdust and holding his peanut between his paws and looking very pleased with himself.


Cornelius Christian likes playing hockey, going to sunday school, and loves writing kid's stories! He has a pet hamster named Brownie. You can email Cornelius with your comments or questions. This work is copyrighted © 1997-1999 by Cornelius Christian. My deep thanks to Cornelius for allowing me to post this work on Yoxley Old Place.


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