Sherlock Stud

Sherlock Brownie and the Carpet Circuit

by Cornelius Christian

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Sherlock Brownie's cases were getting tougher and tougher. One day while I was taking his cage and Sherlock Brownie outside for some fresh air Sherlock Brownie saw somthing looking like a magic carpet! Was It?! He told me (in hamster Language) that he had a case to catch. So I let him out.

He was on the case! All I could tell you is that It was pretty dangerous! After he had a close look he knew It was a magic flying carpet! It was stealing things! So Sherlock Brownie bravly followed the magic carpet's to a scientist's Lab. But this wasn't any ordanary scientist! He was a thief! Brownie quietly stepped in! But as he stepped in he saw a cat! The cat saw Brownie! Brownie ran as fast as his little hamster legs would carry him. But no matter how fast he ran the cat always gained on him! He had a plan. He would pretend he was dead and the cat would leave him alone. So he tried it out.

It worked but the cat bit a bit of his hair off!

Sherlock Brownie climbed out the window but accidently fell on the magic carpet! Then he suddenly spotted that the magic carpet used a sort of electric circuit to make It fly! When he saw that the carpet was taking them low he quickly jumped off.

He ran and ran to the police station. But he coudn't just talk to the chief about it!

So he tried to come up with a plan.

He thougth for hours to come up with a plan.

When the chief had his tea Brownie came up with a plan! He would grab the tea and run away with it leading to the thief's house. So he tried it out and it worked.

The police arrested the thief. When they came to court Brownie was a witness!

Brownie told them everything (this time in English.) Brownie became a detective for the police and the thief was put in custody for 5 years. As for me, I know Brownie's a detective.

It said that in the news.


Cornelius Christian likes playing hockey, going to sunday school, and loves writing kid's stories! He has a pet hamster named Brownie. You can email Cornelius with your comments or questions. This work is copyrighted © 1997-1999 by Cornelius Christian. My deep thanks to Cornelius for allowing me to post this work on Yoxley Old Place.

Note: First web version appeared on 'KidPub'


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