Disturbing Site Warning


You have followed a link from Yoxley that leads to a site that may not be appropriate for children and/or contain disturbing content. This page has been created with PICS tags embeded in the header, and is my attempt to help out parents, and advise others about the link they are following.

As an example, the first entry is a link to a site regarding Jack the Ripper. The site contains descriptions and graphics that can be quite disturbing. Proceed to this, or any other site listed on this page with this in mind. Short of not including the link, this warning and PICS tags is the best I can do. Also, enclosed in [ ] are what I believe some may find offensive or objectionable. Please understand, I am *NOT* making judgements or expressing my opinions but trying to give you a 'Heads-Up'. It is *YOUR* judgement and opinion that will decide if you visit these sites or not.

If you believe other links on Yoxley should be included on this list, drop me a note with the site and why you think it should be included on this warning/filter page.

If you decide not to visit the site, use your [BACK] button/command to return to the page you came from.

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