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One of the great Victorian era authors, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote more, much more, than just the Sherlock Holmes tales. Many of Doyle's books and stories are classics and a welcome addition to anyones library. If you enjoy Holmes, do give some of Conan Doyle's other works a try.

Bibliography of Book Titles - a short, unverified bibliography

The Lost Special - 1908

The Ring of Thoth - 1890 from 'The Cornhill Magazine'

Juvenilia - 1897 from 'My First Book'

The Horror of the Heights - 1913

The Captain of The Polestar and Other Tales - Collection of 10 short stories, first compiled 1890

The Adventures Of Gerard - one of Conan Doyle's historical romances, first published in 1903

Tales of Terror and Mystery - Collection of 12 short stories, first compiled 1922

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