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The Case of the Serrated Scalpel

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Sherlock Holmes - Vine

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Sherlock Holmes - Vine

The Case of the Serrated Scapel

solve by Unknown

Walkthrough for The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes

Hail the cab and go to the Alley

Talk to Lestrade, find out everything he knows
Look at the body, pay special attention to the wounds and neck
Pick up the white powder and go through the door into the theatre

Pick up flower from the vase on the chest of drawers
Pick up the bottle of perfume
Pick up the spring from under the wardrobe and give it to Carruthers
Talk to the sobbing girl and let Watson give her a sedative
Talk to Carruthers
Go to Sarah Carroways flat

Pick up the umbrella, open it and then pick up the key
Look at the laundry a couple of times, pick up the rugby shirt
Go back to Baker St.

Go inside and use Lab table to analyse the flower
Light a match and use the flower on the microscope and the flask
Go outside and give the analysed flower to Wiggins
Ask him to find out where it came from
Go to Southwark morgue

Talk to coroner
Make him go and get Sarah's belongings, look at them
Try to pick up the key, when the coroner stops you talk to Insp. Gregson
Go to Scotland Yard

Try to go in
Talk to constable and then to Watson then the constable again
Go back to the Morgue and talk the Gregson, he'll go back with you
Walk inside
Talk to desk sergeant then to Watson
Go outside and talk to the apple seller (you should be able to persuade him for some info about the sergeant )
Go back in and talk to the sergeant again, get him to summon Lestrade
Talk to Lestrade
Talk to desk sergeant and get pass
Go to Morgue

Give the pass to the coroner and pick up the key.
Go to the theatre

Open the back door with the key
Use the small key on the chest of drawers
Open the drawers and look inside
Pick up the opera tickets
Talk to Henry Carruthers about the boy who was seen outside the theatre
Go to the Opera

Talk to the manager and try to get into Anna's dressing room
Give the usher the tickets
Go upstairs and into the box
Talk to Mrs Worthington and give her the tickets
Talk to her and get a pass
Go back downstairs

Look around and try to pick up something
Leave the room and talk to Watson
Go back inside and tell Watson to distract the manager
Open the drawers and pick up the keys
Go to Baker Street

Talk to Wiggins and he'll tell you about some flowers

Go to the pub and tallk to the landlord
Look at the dartboard and pick up the feather
Look at the pictures by the bar and talk to Watson
Talk to the landlord and play each of the drunks (3) at darts and then the landlord
When you've beaten the landlord, he tells you about the boy who works in the chemist
Leave the pub and look in the barrel by the wall on the right
Pick up the basket of flowers
Use the wire from your inventory in the barrel and fish out a shiny object
Look at your inventory and look at the cufflink
Go back inside and show the cufflink to the landlord
Go to the chemist

Talk to the chemist and buy some items from him, it doesn't matter what
Talk to the assistant about Anna and he'll tell you about his love for her
Go to the Tabacco shop

Move the three crates to the wall where the moose head is
Climb up and turn the head to read the inscription
Go to the Taxidermist

Pick up the scalpel and soiled smock
Talk to Watson
Go to Old Sherman's

Talk to Sherman and ask him if you can borrow Toby
Use the lead on Toby and then follow him

Open the door to the left and pick up the hammer
Move the barrel in front of the door and pick up the bucket and rag
Use the bucket on the Thames and then use the rag on the bucket
Use the wet rag to wipe the window
Look through the window and talk to Watson
Use the hammer on the door and burst in
Watch what happens
Go to jail

Talk to the guard and then go to Scotland yard to get a pass
Back at the jail, give the pass to the guard
Talk to Blackwood and he tells you about the pendant and the pawn shop
Go to Belle's Parfumerie

Talk to Belle about the rugby player
Answer her questions saying he's dark and tall
Look at the parfumes in the counter and ask for the one which is on display
When Belle goes to get some, talk to the servant girl who tells you what brand of cigarettes the rugby player smokes
Go to the Rugby field

Talk to the coach and ask for James who smokes senior service cigarettes
Talk to james and show him the parfume bottle you got from Sarah's dressing room
Go to Eton dormitory and talk to James.

He needs proof that Sarah is dead so go back to baker street and ask Jonas about yesterdays Times
Talk to Wiggins who just happens to have the paper you want
Go back to the dormitory and give James the paper, he'll tell you about Antonio Caruso, the picnic ground and the boy.
Go to the snooker club

Talk to all the players
Talk to the bartender and ask whether the player is married
Talk to Antonio and he tells you where Anna lives and about the playing field, also about the boy
Go to Antonio's

Talk to Antonio and look around the flat
Talk to Antonio about the boy, the playing field and the gyroscope
Go to Anna's

Use the ring of keys from her dressing room on the front door
Pick up the two calling cards from the tray in the hall
Talk to the maid upstairs, then go downstairs and knock over the plant in the hall
Tell the maid and she'll go down and clear up the mess
Back up in the bedroom, move the statue in the corner of the room and then pick up the diary
Read about the pendant
Go to Jacob Farthington

Talk to Jacob about Anna and uncover the sordid story
Go back to Baker Street, talk to Wiggins about his gyroscope and buy it from him
Go to the playing fields

Try to talk to the boy who is standing on his own, then hold up the gyroscope
Talk to him when he comes over to the fence
When he leaves pick up his cap and read the label
Go to the Equestrian centre

Talk to the owner
Look at the heraldic coat of arms
Try to move and pick up the polo sticks
Talk to the shopkeeper again and find out Lord Brumwell's address
Go to Lord Brumwell's

Talk to the servant
Talk to Lady Brumwell about the cap and then about Anna
Go to the pawn shop

Talk to the owner about the pendant
Find out about the detective agency-which is where you should go next
Talk to the receptionist about the zoo
Look at the pictures on the walls
Go to the Zoo

Walk to the body (a screen to the right) and examine it
Open the door to the office, go inside and talk to Hollingston
Go a couple of screens to the left and examine the lions cage
Look at the shiny object
Go to Simon Kingsley's flat

Talk to Simon and then look at his boots and the picture of Felix the lion
Talk to Simon about Felix
Go to the zoo and pick up the shiny object - Simon should have claimed the lion by now
Open the watch and get the combination for the safe
Go to the detective agency

Talk to the receptionist and then to Watson
Pick up the typewriter and throw it through the door and go into the inner office
Watch the second animated sequence
Go to Lord Brumwell's

Use the bell
Talk to Lady Brumwell
Go into the study and talk to Lord Brumwell
Move the left-hand persian sword and open the large painting
Open the safe and pick up the contents
Use the key on the double doors and go through
Talk to Lady Brumwell and go outside
After Brumwell caps himself
Go to Robert Hunt's flat

Open the book on the table and take the bookmark, which just happens to be a pawn ticket
Use the iron bar (which you picked up from the start) on the small chest and look at the documents therein
Go to the Pawn shop and give the ticket to the owner
Pick up the tarot cards and the key
Go to Covent Garden

Go through the door on the left and into Madame Rosa's
Move the large candle on the pillar
Use the key from the pawn shop on the drawer
Open the drawer and pick up the key
Use this key on the secret chest, which is behind the curtain on the far wall
Open the chest and look at the documents
Go to the docks

Talk to Watson, look through the window and use the iron bar on the door
Rescue Anna and watch the final sequence.

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