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Developer 1WriterPublisher 1
Mythos Software No DataElectronic Arts
Release DateMediaSuggested Retail
19925.25 / 3.5$49.95 US
PlatformSystemProduced / Sold 1
IBM/PCDOS 3.0+No Data / 100,000+
Product CodeDeWaal NumberCurrent Status
No DataNo DataNo longer produced

Development Team
No Data Back Cover

Minimum Requirements 1
Operating System: DOS 3.0 or higher
CPU: 386-16 or compatable
RAM: 640K RAM (571K free)
Hard Disk Space: 15 MB free hard drive space
Monitor: 256-color VGA
Sound: Sound Blaster or 100% General Midi compatable
Other Needs: Keyboard and Microsoft compatible mouse

Recommended Requirements
Operating System: DOS 5.0 or higher (more robust OS)
CPU: 486-25 or compatable or better (faster, smoother play)
RAM: No Data
Hard Disk Space: 30 MB free hard drive space (to decompress graphic files for faster play)
Monitor: No Data
Sound: No Data
Other Needs: No Data
CD-ROM: 2x CD-ROM drive or faster (for EA Classics edition)

Programming Language
No Data

Features 1
256-color VGA graphics
Digitized voices, classical sound tracks, and stunning animations
Investigate 50 authentic locations

Best Buy Bets
online auctions
clearance/bargin bins
Case of the Serrated Scalpel - CD-ROM Access - $14.95 - EA Classics CD edition

Overview 1
A young actress has been brutally murdered in the alley behind the Regency Theatre. Jack the Ripper appears to have struck again. Inspector Lestrade turns to Londons most famous detective to provide the proof. He turns to you -- Sherlock Holmes

Screen Shots 1

Screen 1 Screen 2 Screen 3 Screen 4
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Reviews - quotes from magazine reviews
Case of the Serated Scalpel - review by Rosemary Young
Adventure Review - Case of the Serated Scalpel - by Philip Jong
Case of the Serrated Scalpel - from PCX-Online (German/Deutsch)

No Data

Other Versions
German/Deutsch [German Box Cover JPEG]
EA Classics (CD-ROM) [EA Classics Cover GIF]

Future Versions/Editions
No Data

Packaging / Contents (refers to original release unless otherwise noted)
"Limited Edition" print of cover suitable for framing included in package
10 x 1.2Mb 5.25 disks
? x 3.5 disks

Related Web Sites
Mythos Holmes I - Official Product Home Page (NOT for TechSupport, see below)

Other Information
No Data

Tech Support
Case of the Serated Scalpel - error messages & solutions / fixes from EA
Case of the Serated Scalpel - as above in simpler HTML/Text format
Email Form (DOS) - from EA
International Support - outside Canada and the US
Troubleshooting Help Guides - generic help for Win95/PC
Troubleshooting Help Guides - generic help for the MAC

Bugs and Known Technical Problems
Check EA Tech Support (listed above) for latest information.

  1. Game crashes after leaving the Chemist shop 2
    When you are in the shop, do not pick up the light fixture. This will cause the game to crash when moving to a different location. Picking up the fixture does not help Holmes in any way.

  2. "DMA too small" error message 2
    The error message can be resolved by adding D=40 to the EMM386 line of the config.sys file. EA recommends only making this change on a boot disk created for the game. When editing the config.sys file, the EMM386 line should read as follows:

  3. Game locks up with an error message concerning memory 2
    This indicates that there is not enough free memory available for the game to run. EA recommends creating a DOS boot disk in order to temporarily free up some memory. Refer to the game's reference card for boot disk instructions.

  4. Mouse only works on half of the screen 2
    This is due to an incompatible mouse driver. Try upgrading your mouse driver to the most current version. The Microsoft mouse driver version 9.01 is always a safe bet.

  5. I can't move the mouse pointer around in the first room 2
    This is a limitation of the software. You must use the keyboard to move around in this room. Elsewhere, you be able to use the mouse. EA apologizes for any inconvenience.

  6. No voice after the intro screen 2
    The only places there are digitized voices in the game are in the intro, at the train station, and at the end of the game. The reason these are the only places is because the voice files take up very large amounts of memory.

  7. "Unable to install driver for some reason" message 2
    This indicates that either the wrong sound card has been selected in the setup, or the wrong IRQ is being used. Use IRQ 5 or 7 for best results.

None known

None known

Cheats / Shortcuts

  1. How can I bypass the intro screens? 2
    When starting the game try typing game<enter> instead of holmes<enter>. You can also press the ESC key to bypass the intro, however, this may not work on all keyboards.

Easter Eggs
None known

Copy Protection

Walkthroughs / Spoilers / Solves / Hints
SERR - Spoiler One - solve by oOo MILAMBER conDoin oOo
SERR - Spoiler Two - solve by Robert D. Harris
SERR - Spoiler Three - solve by V&D
SERR - Spoiler Four - solve by Unknown
SERR - TMG Spoiler - solve by The Mapper's Guild (69k ZIP file, reader included)
SERR - UHS Spoiler - solve by Jason Strautman (12k ZIP file, requires UHS reader)
Serrated Scalpel Walkthrough - UHSWeb online version of UHS file
Serrated Scalpel Walkthrough - from Balmoral Software
900 Hint Hotline games - 900 number from EA ($0.95/min US / $1.15/min Canada)
Other Spoiler Locations - list of of other sites that have the above spoilers

Source Information and Contributors to this FAQ
1 Mythos Software
2 Electronic Arts
and me, Porlock

Errors and Ommissions
EMail me, Porlock

About This FAQ
About FAQs - Who, what, where, why, when
References to original release version and prices in $US unless otherwise noted.

FAQ History
Version 1.00 - 1999.04.04 - Intial Posting on Yoxley Old Place

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