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The WeatherPixie
Hello.  My name is PJ and I'm a Mickeyholic.  I try very hard to battle it, but as you can see, I can't give it up.  I keep seeing things to feed my addiction!  Sorcerer Mickey from Fantasia is among my favorites. Someone told me that if you surround yourself with the things you're addicted to, you will become sick and tired of them.
This is my attempt of trying to get it out of my system..... NOT!
I have Mickey shirts, socks, watches, coat, sepia prints, glasses, and a cookie jar.  My Christmas tree is entirely Mickey ornaments, even the lights and topper are Mickeys.  I have animated Mickey and Minnie Santas.  My bathroom and bedroom are all Mickey items.  I could go on and on telling you things I have because of my addiction. 
I decided to sit down one day and work out my addiction at the computer, and here are the results!
When Walt Disney sat down at his drawing board and drew a mouse, I am sure he never expected Steamboat Willie to jump off the pages and into so many hearts!  Steamboat Willie soon turned into Mickey Mouse, and moved into movie status and fame as the Sorcerer's Apprentice in Fantasia.  From there he got a full time starring role in many more movies, cartoons, and mementos.
Thru this little mouse, Walt found the keyhole to Imagineering!
"It all started from a mouse."
Walt Disney
Walt Disney is no longer with us,but his spirit lives on thru all the characters he has created, and Disney has kept up with his dreams.The world lost a wonderful dreamer who had those dreams put onto film for the generations to come.  Animation has came a long way since that little sailor Steamboat Willie sailed into our lives.  Walt's grasp of imagineering is still being carried on thru his brother Roy, but Walt's distinctive flair is sorely missed.
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